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Family Health History

1 in 10 patients have a family health history that qualifies them for an HBOC genetic screening referral

Have you ever collected or written down your family history of cancer? 

  • Our genes play an important role in our overall health
  • Nine out of the top 10 causes of death for Oregonians have genetic components. 
If your patient has a genetic variation for HBOC (Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer), then one of their parents is extremely likely to also have that genetic risk, and each of their siblings and children have a 50% chance of having that same risk.

Luckily, by understanding personal risk factors, we can help patients take specific action to reduce the risk. Genetic screening for one family member can bring knowledge benefits to the whole family.

Screenwise Video for Providers

Description: Dr. Brooke Kyle speaks about the importance of genetic testing