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Recreational Advisories

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) works to protect people where we live, work and play.

Cyanobacteria Blooms

OHA collects and reviews available data on cyanobacteria blooms, and informs the public by issuing and lifting recreational use health advisories.

Most Oregon waterbodies are not monitored due to limited resources, so remember: when in doubt, stay out.

Current advisories will be listed below. Visit the Cyanobacteria blooms website to learn more.

Permanent Advisory - South Umpqua River: Avoid pools of water in bedrock

Beach Water Quality

Beach water is sampled from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year at designated locations.

Water is tested for high levels of fecal bacteria. Elevated levels are reported to the public and signs are posted to let visitors know when there is a health advisory issued.

2020 Update: As state parks have reopened to public use, the Oregon Beach Monitoring Program has resumed monitoring Oregon beaches for harmful bacteria in the north, mid and south coast. Visit the Beach water quality website to learn more.

Fish and Shellfish

Advisories and consumption guidelines help you get the health benefits of eating fish and shellfish while protecting you and your family from contaminants that are sometimes found in seafood.

  • Shellfish Safety Hotline: 1-800-448-2474








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