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Oregon Psilocybin Services - Scientific Literature Review and Cultural and Anthropological Information

In accordance with ORS 475A, the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board reviewed available medical, psychological, and scientific studies, research, and other information related to the safety and efficacy of psilocybin in treating mental health conditions. This rapid evidence review was published in July 2021 and was translated into Spanish in September 2021. Findings show that psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, holds promise as an option to address mental health issues, and may be efficacious in reducing problematic alcohol and tobacco use.

The Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board also acknowledged cultural and anthropological information regarding centuries of psilocybin use that was not included in the scientific literature review. A subsequent Cultural and Anthropological Review was published in November 2022, amplifying the cultural and anthropological information that scientific research may not address.

These publications can be found below and will be updated periodically by the Oregon Psilocybin Services section, in partnership with the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board.

Cultural and Anthropological Review

This document incorporates information from a variety of sources gathered from guest speakers who presented to the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board's Research Subcommittee. It covers different perspectives on psilocybin related materials including anecdotal pieces, data from observational epidemiological studies, and other sources of information on historical and cultural uses of psilocybin. The findings represent a narrow subset of wider expertise. There are many written resources on cultural and anthropological perspectives on psilocybin use that remain unpublished. Additionally, non-written resources offer a wealth of information that is not contained within this report. As such, this report should not be considered a fully representative source on all cultural and anthropological literature surrounding psilocybin use. 

Oregon Psilocybin Cultural and Anthropological Review 

 Revisión cultural y antropológica de recursos

Scientific Literature Review

The intent of this rapid review was to highlight particularly pertinent, high quality published scientific evidence, rather than provide an exhaustive systematic review of the published literature in accordance with ORS 475A.

Every effort has been made to provide links to references used in this report. When available, open access links were used. Many links require institutional or personal access to journals. If paid access is required, efforts were made to link to the abstract associated with the reference. Some references may not have associated abstracts. Members of the public may be able to access the full version of these resources through academic or public libraries.

Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board Rapid Evidence Review

Rapid Review References

Revisión rápida de evidencia y recomendaciones del Consejo Consultor sobre la Psilocibina de Oregon