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Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with substance use.

Expanding Harm Reduction and Syringe Service Programs

Serious health issues related to substance use are on the rise in Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) works with partners to strengthen the continuum of care for substance use disorders. Harm reduction and syringe service program (SSP) interventions are part of that continuum. These interventions provide practical support to decrease negative consequences of drug use and celebrate any positive change. They are important parts of the public health response to outbreaks of overdose and infectious diseases.

Planning and Resource Manual

To support the development of local harm reduction and SSPs, OHA is pleased to share the Harm Reduction and SSP Planning and Resource Manual. The development of this tool was a community process. Urban and rural syringe service programs across Oregon provided valuable input.

Harm Reduction and SSP Manual

Syringe Exchange Services

Syringe Service Programs provide a variety of services including free sterile needles and syringes, safe disposal areas, and access to prevention services such as HIV and Hepatitis C testing.