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Rulemaking Activity

Status of Rulemaking

The Health Facility Licensing & Certification Program (HFLC) is responsible for regulating certain types of non-long term care health care facilities and agencies.

Regulated health care facilities may be subject to various Codes of Federal Regulations, Oregon Revised Statutes, and Oregon Administrative Rules.

Changes to Rules

This page documents what, if any, changes the agency is considering to its current Oregon Administrative Rules. It includes any temporary rules that have been filed to address an immediate need, which can be in effect for up to 180 days. Additional information about specific rulemaking activities is provided below.

Proposed Rulemaking Notices

OAR chapter 333, divisions 500, 505, 520, 525

"Hospital Inpatient Discharge and Release from the Emergency Department Requirements"

The Oregon Health Authority (Authority), Public Health Division is proposing to permanently amend and adopt rules in chapter 333, divisions 500, 505, 520 and 525.

In response to passage of HB 3090 (Oregon Laws 2017, chapter 272) administrative rules have been adopted and amended to clarify inpatient discharge planning and release from the emergency department requirements for hospitals. The rules address general discharge planning requirements in addition to specific requirements necessary when releasing a patient from the emergency department.

Public Hearing

Persons are being invited to review these proposed rules and to comment on them. A public hearing will be held in Portland, Oregon at 800 NE Oregon St, Room 1E, on March 29, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. Persons may present oral testimony at this public hearing.

Written Comments

Persons may also file written comments before 5:00 p.m. on March 30, 2018 to the Public Health Division Rules Coordinator in the following manner:

US Postal Service
OHA, Public Health Division
Brittany Hall, Administrative Rules Coordinator
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 930
Portland, Oregon 97232
or by E-mail at:
or by FAX at:
(971) 673-1299
Final rules will be filed after consideration of all comments. 

Rulemaking Documents

For more details, please see the following Notice of Proposed Rulemaking including the Statement of Need and Fiscal Impact:

If you have any questions or would prefer a hardcopy be sent, please e-mail Mellony Bernal at

Temporary Rules

None at this time.

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