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Sharing School Immunization Rates

Why Share

Senate Bill 895, passed in 2015, requires schools and child care facilities to have their immunization and exemption rates available at their main offices, on their websites, and for parents on paper or electronic format.

What to Share

Sites are required to share both

  1. their school or child care numbers
  2. their county's immunization numbers

Who Shares

Oregon’s schools and children’s facilities that count 10 or more kids in the immunization reports are required to share their immunization and exemption rates, along with their county rates, twice a year in three ways.

When to Share

30 days after the start of school AND 30 days after Exclusion Day.

Where to Share

  • On a website or Facebook page
  • In a main office
  • Given to parents

How to Share

Option 1

Find your school or child care’s information on the data map and take a screen shot.

Map thumbnail

Option 2

Make a graph using our easy-to-use template. Note: You do need to have Microsoft Excel installed.

Instructions for creating a graph (pdf)

Preschool / Child Care

2018 rates

2018 English graph template

2018 Spanish graph template

K through 12

2018 rates

2018 English graph template

2018 Spanish graph template

Option 3

Run a percentage report from your school computer system, if applicable. Not all school computer systems have this report function.


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