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Advisory Committee on Physician Credentialing Information

Credentialing Information

Established by House Bill 2144 (1999), the Advisory Committee on Physician Credentialing Information (ACPCI) develops the uniform applications used by hospitals and health plans to credential and recredential practitioners within the State of Oregon.

Latest News

ACPCI Will Not Convene in 2020

After discussions with Oregon Health Authority (OHA) leadership and ACPCI Committee Members, OHA has decided not to convene the ACPCI in 2020. We understand the additional burden our health care partners are facing with the COVID-19 health crisis, so we’re limiting our engagement in other areas. OHA and the Committee do not believe there is anything substantive that requires immediate changes to the uniform credentialing and recredentialing applications in order to meet credentialing accreditation or regulatory requirements, and therefore will not convene the ACPCI until 2021.

2019 Applications Published

The 2019 version of the OPCA and OPRA have been approved by the ACPCI and the OHA director and are now published and available on this site. Use of these versions is not currently mandated. OHA intends to pursue administrative rulemaking in 2021 that will mandate use of the 2019 versions. If you would like to stay informed on this process, please subscribe for ACPCI updates on the home page.

Oregon Common Credentialing Suspension and ACPCI

After careful consideration and consultation with health system partners and legislative sponsors, OHA has decided to suspend the Oregon Common Credentialing Program (OCCP). Please see the FAQs here for more information. OHA will continue to manage the Oregon Practitioner Credentialing and Recredentialing Applications and the ACPCI will continue to meet annually to evaluate changes to the Applications.


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Public meeting notice 

The ACPCI will meet on October 31, 2019. Meeting time and location can be found on the ACPCI meetings page along with materials from past meetings.

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Administrative rule

OAR 409-045-0035, effective 7/1/2018


Important notice

The universal credentialing (and recredentialing) application, created and maintained by the ACPCI, is meant to be a convenience to providers in Oregon, eliminating the need to complete multiple unique applications for each health plan, hospital, insurer, etc. However, credentialing is not governed by the state.

The state cannot give legal advice or give direction about how to answer any questions on the applications. Please use your best professional judgment, contact the health related organization responsible for credentialing or seek legal counsel, as appropriate.

Where to send completed applications?

Please only send completed applications to the health care related organization where you have applied. Applications received by this office must be shredded.

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