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Plan Documents

Current Plan Year

Oct 2020 - Sept 2021

2020-21 Open Enrollment Guide Booklet
Clickable zMags format (best for online viewing) 

Printer-friendly PDF format
New Hire Guide (supplement to booklet above)

Spanish Language PDFs

OEBB 202-21 Plan Year Enrollment Guide Cover We're saving paper and postage by not printing our Open Enrollment Guide this year. 

Browse through our "clickable" online booklet. Just like paper, but better!

You can read it cover-to-cover, or find the subject you're looking for in the Table of Contents and click to bounce directly to that page. Reading a section with a URL to learn more? No need to re-type a long string of characters into your computer. Just click. The site will open in a new tab.

Really want to print a page or two for yourself? Use this printer-friendly PDF. (Don't try to "click" this version. It's just for printing. Not as easy to read online.)

2020-21 Plan Comparison Spreadsheets
2020-21 Plan Summaries and Handbooks
2020-21 Rate Sheets

Previous Plan Year

Oct 2019 - Sept 2020

2019-20 Open Enrollment Guide Booklet
   View online     Printable PDF

New Hire Guide (supplement to booklet above)

Spanish Language Printable PDFs
2019-20 Plan Comparison Spreadsheets
2019-20 Plan Summaries and Handbooks
2019-20 Rate Sheets

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