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Privacy Statement

OEBB Privacy Statement

The Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) and the OEBB sponsored-benefit plans respect the privacy of individually identifiable information and will maintain confidentiality in a responsible and professional manner about all OEBB members, including eligible family members.

OEBB offers various benefit plan options to participating entity employers and their employees receiving benefits through OEBB. To support our effort of transparency, OEBB is providing the following as an explanation of how we use, disclose and protect your information as a Plan Sponsor.

For purposes of this notice, your individually identifiable information is information that identifies OEBB Participants or may relate to the provision of benefits or payment for benefits issued by the OEBB Participant.

How information is collected and protected

As the Plan Sponsor, OEBB must collect certain information about members enrolling for benefits to perform necessary administrative functions and to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Personal information such as name, address, date of birth, and gender.
  • Benefit plans selected, including enrollment and disenrollment information, and appeals about eligibility and contract coverage issues.
  • Benefit eligibility dates.
  • Health and wellness program participation.
  • Visits to OEBB’s websites, such as that provided through online forms, and online information-collecting devices known as “cookies.” Cookies enable the site to remember who visits so navigating the site is easier. They also permit you to access your secured information and conduct secured transactions. OEBB does not record personal or sensitive information in cookies.

The insurer will provide a Notice of Privacy Practices and will satisfy the other requirements under HIPAA's privacy rules. The Notice of Privacy Practices, among other things, will notify OEBB participants of the potential disclosure of the summary health information to, and enrollment and disenrollment information from, OEBB.

How information is used or shared by OEBB

As the Plan Sponsor, OEBB transmits enrollment information to the Benefit Plans selected by the OEBB Member. Information is transmitted electronically through the MyOEBB system. Benefit Plans may disclose to OEBB information on whether an individual is participating in the plan, or is enrolled or has been dis-enrolled from the plan. In accordance with the HIPAA privacy regulations, the insurer and OEBB provide for adequate separation between the Plan Sponsor and the Health Plans with regard to the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Access by a health plan to individually identifiable information held in the OEBB system is limited to the administrative functions that the health plan employees perform for OEBB with regard to the member’s plan. Plan administration functions that may involve individually identifiable information being provided to OEBB include the appeal process under OEBB rules, where an individual asks OEBB to review a denial of insurance coverage or asks OEBB to decide if the Benefit Plan acted in accordance with the OEBB contract.

OEBB provides your information to the Benefit Plans you select for coverage as well as to other state and/or federal benefits administrators to provide you with information about alternative coverage options. The Benefit Plans collect and use this information to administer benefits and to pay claims for services OEBB Participants receive. OEBB ensures the security of your information through physical, technical and procedural safeguards.

OEBB will not use or disclose individually identifiable information for employment-related actions and decisions. If you contact OEBB and provide individually identifiable information about a benefit-related issue, OEBB may refer any relevant information to the Plan for their review or assistance.

If you have any questions about this notice, or if you believe OEBB has inappropriately disclosed your confidential information, you may file a written complaint with the OEBB Benefits Manager.

OEBB Benefits Manager
500 Summer St NE, E-88
Salem, Oregon 97301-1063
Phone: 888-469-6322

You may appeal to the full Board if the issue is not resolved at the Benefits Manager level. You have the right to file a complaint regarding how OEBB uses confidential information with the Privacy Officer of the State of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

OHA Privacy Officer
3990 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE
Salem, OR 97302-1166
Phone: 503-945-6812

Download a printer-friendly PDF of OEBB's Privacy Statement.