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What and When to Report

Oregon Disease Reporting Requirements

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Health care providers shall report all cases or suspected cases of the diseases, infections, microorganisms, and conditions specified below. The timing of health care provider reports is specified to reflect the severity of the illness or condition and the potential value of rapid intervention by public health agencies.

When local public health authorities cannot be reached within the specified time limits, reports shall be made directly to OHA, which shall maintain an around-the-clock public health consultation service.

Licensed laboratories shall report all test results indicative of and specific for the diseases, infections, microorganisms, and conditions specified below. Such tests include but are not limited to: microbiological culture, isolation, or identification; assays for specific antibodies; and identification of specific antigens, toxins, or nucleic acid sequences.

See Oregon disease reporting rules.

Civil Penalties for Violations of Oregon Reporting Law

A civil penalty may be imposed against a person or entity for a violation of any provision in OAR chapter 333, division 18 or 19.  These regulations include the requirements to report diseases listed below, along with related data; and to cooperate with local and state public health authorities in their investigation and control of reportable diseases. Civil penalties shall be imposed as follows:

  • First violation $100; second violation $200; third or subsequent violation $500
  • Each day out of compliance will be considered a new violation.

Reportable Diseases and Time FramesDisease reporting posters

Reportable diseases, infections, microorganisms, and conditions - and the time frames within which they must be reported by healthcare providers - are listed in the updated disease reporting posters.