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Early Childhood Developmental Screening

What is Developmental Screening?

A developmental screening tool is a list of questions that give a general idea of how a child is learning, growing and meeting developmental milestones. Developmental screening tools do not diagnose delays or disabilities but they do give information about whether a child would benefit from testing or services to help them do their best.

Why is developmental screening important?

It is recommended that all children receive developmental screening at certain ages.

We know from research that early detection of developmental delays and appropriate help can promote a child’s development.

By helping children at a young age there is opportunity to enrich their relationship with their parent/caregiver and promote brain development when their brains are rapidly growing.

Brain-building activities

“Brain-building” activities with parents/caregivers encourage development and are fun! Children showing delays benefit and respond even more to these activities at a young age.

  • Download the Vroom app to receive daily ideas for fun brain-building activities tailored to your child’s needs.

Who should complete the developmental screening tool?

Parents/caregivers are experts on their child and are the best people to answer screening questions. Parents see their child in many different places and can offer the most complete information.

Any professional working with families with young children can introduce developmental screening and help parents to complete the Ages & Stages Questionnaire, but parents provide the best answers.

What work is Oregon doing?

Developmental screening is important to Oregon’s health and early learning systems in many ways:

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