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Compliance Monitoring Data Portal

The Compliance Monitoring Data Portal (CMDP) is an application allowing certified laboratories to report data electronically to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains CMDP, for which two versions are currently available, known as Pre-Production and Production.

CMDP increases data accuracy, completeness and reporting efficiency.  

CMDP does not require new reporting. Water suppliers and laboratories will continue to report data to OHA based on the content and schedule specified by the current Oregon Administrative Rules.

CMDP offers three options for reporting compliance data to OHA:

  • XML file – with a file schema provided by EPA, a user’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) outputs an XML file for upload into CMDP.
  • Excel Templates – users can enter compliance data into downloaded Excel worksheets. When data entry is completed, the template will automatically generate an XML file for upload into CMDP.
  • CMDP Manual Data Entry (Web Forms) – users can enter compliance information into an online data entry module and submit the data through CMDP.

In addition to the materials provided here by OHA, EPA has established the CMDP Help Center to provide training materials and a knowledge base to assist all CMDP users. Users are encouraged to visit the Help Center to become familiar with relevant training materials prior to requesting access to the application.

Register for CMDP Test/Pre-Production Environment

The Pre-Production environment serves as a testing environment, allowing users to familiarize themselves with CMDP. Users must register for access to CMDP Pre-Production and complete the recommended testing prior to receiving approval to report compliance data through CMDP Production. 

To begin the registration process, users must request access through EPA's Shared CROMERR Services (SCS). This guide to the registration process is available from OHA and provides a detailed, step-by-step registration sequence for laboratory administrators.

All laboratory administrators must be approved by OHA to access CMDP. These administrators will then be able to sponsor additional CMDP users for their organizations.

Please note: After moving to CMDP Production, laboratory administrators and users can return to Pre-Production at any time, for training or other purposes.

Learn to Use CMDP

After registering for CMDP Pre-Production, users should review the available training materials before beginning to test in CMDP. EPA has developed extensive training materials, along with video tutorials. These documents and videos can be found on the CMDP Help Center.

While there are several CMDP reporting options, an XML file output from a user’s LIMS and uploaded into CMDP is encouraged. XML files created using Excel templates uploaded to CMDP or online data entry forms are additional options for CMDP reporting. Training for CMDP Templates (MS Excel files) used to generate an XML file can be found at CMDP Help Center For Labs and Public Water Systems (PWS). Current CMDP templates used for reporting data to OHA should be downloaded directly from EPA CMDP web site.

Pre-Production testing will consist of three successfully submitted jobs for each sample type a laboratory intends to report. After jobs have been successfully submitted and verified, a link for CMDP Production registration will be provided.

CMDP Reporting Instructions

Register for CMDP Production

PLEASE NOTE: You must create separate credentials to use the CMDP Production system. Users will follow the same process to register for access to CMDP Production as was used for Pre-Production by creating a new set of credentials and requesting access to the production application. The laboratory administrator will then coordinate a final date to begin reporting through CMDP Production.

Contact the OHA CMDP Administrator, Chuck Michael, if you have any questions or need assistance:

Reference Materials

Other resources are available at EPA’s CMDP Help Center.