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HARP Application Process

An Overview of the HARP Application Process 

After ReOregon reviews your submitted Eligibility Questionnaire, and if you appear to qualify for the current phase of HARP, you will be invited to submit your application and supporting documents. This section describes how you should move forward and what materials you will need. 

We have made it easy to apply to HARP. 

Once you have qualified, simply choose the application method that is easiest for you from the following list: 

  • We can send a link to your email address so you can complete your application online
  • You can speak with a representative in person at a ReOregon Intake Center. We also offer in-home visits if you cannot leave your property. 
  • We can mail you a paper application

To schedule an appointment or ask for an application to be mailed to you, email You can also call or text the call center at 877-510-6800 or 541-250-0938. 

Are you submitting a HARP application? Stop work on your property.

You must stop all in-progress construction and repairs immediately when you file your HARP application with ReOregon, or you may become ineligible for HARP funding. 

Here is what you should know to get ready. 

Important Note for Spanish-Speaking Applicants  

If you are a Spanish-speaking applicant, you may notice translation errors in the online application. The Spanish-language version of the online application has been translated with Google Translate, and may misinterpret regional Spanish words and phrases. Because of this issue, ReOregon is providing a number of options to help make the process easier for you.  

 We strongly encourage you to contact the nearest intake center or the ReOregon Call Center for help to complete your HARP application. You can have a Spanish-speaking representative at a ReOregon Intake Center help you with your online application, or you can ask for a paper application in Spanish. The paper application has been translated by Spanish speakers and not by Google Translate.