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Long-term Rental Assistance for Youth


House Bill 2163 invests $4.5 million to establish a long-term rental assistance program supporting individuals younger than 25-years-old and are transitioning out of:

  • foster care
  • homelessness
  • behavioral health or treatment facility
  • corrections or detention facility

The program will be introduced/piloted in three areas of the state, including one urban area, one rural area, and one coastal area. In designing the program, the department will consult with:

  • Youth with lived experience
  • Youth-serving Service Providers, culturally specific providers & the Youth Experiencing Homelessness Advisory Committee
  • Community Action Partners of Oregon 
  • Oregon Housing Authorities
  • Oregon Housing Stability Council
  • Oregon Department of Human Services

We are required to collect data on program participants receiving rental assistance, including:

  • Demographic data, including race
  • Program subsidy amounts
  • Length of tenancies and instances of rehousing or homelessness
  • Types of housing, including roommates or family living situations
  • Access to and utilization of other support systems, including education, workforce training, health insurance, and primary care providers

Project Timeline

The timeline for this program is as follows:

  • End of spring 2022: Engagement complete and communities selected
  • Summer 2022: Agreements with providers
  • Late Summer/Early Fall 2022: Program begins
  • September 15, 2022 and 2023: Housing Stability Council presentations

Share Your Feedback

We are seeking input to understand what programs and structures already exist and where the need is greatest to begin this work. The responses from this survey will help us build out a successful pilot program and decide funding allocation for this program. Share your feedback at

Housing Integrator
Rental Assistance Program Lead