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Rent Guarantee Program

The Rent Guarantee Program (RGP) provides incentives and financial assistance to landlords that rent or lease to low-income households that complete tenant readiness education by guaranteeing payments to landlords for unpaid rent and for eviction and property damage costs. RGP is funded through the legislatively approved state general funds.

​Landlords who have had a tenant vacate or has been evicted due to non-compliance of a lease/rental agreement within the first 12 months of occupancy may submit a request for reimbursement for unpaid rent and damages that exceed the tenant’s security deposit and up to the limit of the Rent Guarantee amount.

The maximum Rent Guarantee amount of financial assistance paid under the program to a landlord is limited to a maximum of $5,000 per eligible tenancy.

Payment of financial assistance is contingent on the landlord’s submission of a complete and accurate reimbursement request within 30 days of the date the tenant vacates the dwelling or is evicted, and upon verification of damages by the Program Provider and available funding.

Damages may include:

  • Unpaid rent;
  • Damages beyond the normal wear and tear of tenant occupancy cause by tenant;
  • Expenses related to removal of excessive debris left by tenant, including disposal fees;
  • Eviction costs include court filing fees, attorney fees, and serving of notice;
  • Damages b​y pets or service animals included on the tenant’s rental agreement


​Rent Guarantee Program Factsheet

Rent Guarantee Dashboard​

​Participating tenants, must have a total household annual income no greater than 60% of the area’s median income for their size of household, must experience specific barriers to obtaining housing (e.g. have been a ward of the state, poor credit history, criminal history or eviction history), must successfully complete a Tenant Readiness Education course, be residents of Oregon, and may be homeless or unstably housed and at-risk of homelessness.


Tenant Readiness Education
Participating tenants successfully complete a Tenant Readiness Education Course that extends over multiple weeks and covers the following topics:
  • Landlord/Tenant Law
  • The Application and Screening Process
  • Understanding a Rental or Lease Agreement
  • Personal Finance, Budgeting, How Credit Reports are Used
  • Energy Conservation
  • Fair Housing Rights and Responsibilities
  • What Makes a Good Tenant and Communicating With Your Landlord
  • Barriers to Obtaining Housing
  • Tips for Moving In and Moving Out
  • Care and Maintenance of Your Unit and Maintenance Responsibilities
  • Termination Notices
  • Recovering your Deposit
Contact a Program Provider if you are interested in participating in the Rent Guarantee Program. Find providers here.

​Participating landlords must be an owner of a dwelling unit that has entered into a 12-month rental or lease agreement with a tenant and has entered into a Rent Guarantee Program agreement with a participating Program Provider.

Program Providers partner with landlords to rent to Rent Guarantee Program graduates.

Find providers here.



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