Volunteer Registry for Public Emergencies

The State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR) is a statewide registry system to help pre-credentialed health care professionals volunteer their services during emergencies.  The registry is sponsored by the Oregon Public Health Division in partnership with the Medical Reserve Corps.  SERV-OR uses a secure database to register, credential, and alert volunteer health providers.  The registry meets a critical need and results in significant health impacts in the community.

To be eligible for the registry, healthcare providers must have an active or emeritus license in good standing, complete relevant training and pass a criminal background check. SERV-OR, a service of the Oregon Health Authority, provides training opportunities in areas such as disaster response, advanced and basic life support and radiation response.  Interested licensees may sign up for the statewide unit known as the State Managed Volunteer Pool or the county program known as the Medical Reserve Corps.

To register, visit www.SERV-OR.org and choose "Register Now."  For additional information, e-mail the systems coordinator at serv.or@state.or.us or call 1-877-343-5767.