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Proposed Rule to Restrict Beach Driving in South Tillamook County

Proposed Rule to Restrict Beach Driving in South Tillamook County

Proposal for Rulemaking, OAR 736-024-0015
The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) proposes changes to the Oregon Administrative Rule for beach driving in Tillamook county to restrict motor vehicles on two sections of the ocean beach in southern Tillamook County.
One change would ban driving year-round from the mouth of Sand Lake south to the northern border of the Cape Kiwanda State Natural area, roughly in line with the southern edge of the unincorporated community of Tierra del Mar. Driving is currently prohibited on this beach at different times: it’s not allowed May 1 through September 30 (but limits can start in March if beach driving is closed to protect a threated shorebird during nesting season), and from sunrise to sunset on legal holidays, and on Saturdays and Sundays between October 1 and April 30.
The second change closes the beach to driving from a Tillamook County boat ramp in Pacific City, south about a quarter of a mile. Boaters will be able to park on the beach north of the boat ramp to the foot of Cape Kiwanda, and sometimes launch or land south of the boat ramp when the beach north of the ramp is unsafe. This section of beach is normally open year-round, but was temporarily closed to vehicles, except boaters, amid state park staffing shortages and safety concerns related to mixing beach visitors and vehicles.
Public Comment: Opened December 10, 2020. Closes February 12, 2021, 5 PM
The Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) proposed for revision include:
    OAR 736-024-0015, Tillamook County: Restrictions
Public Hearing:
Thursday, January 28, 6 PM via computer or telephone.  Registration required to participate in hearing.  Details will be posted by January 1, 2021.
To Register for the hearing:

See Commission presentation on rulemaking opening
See the full proposed new rules and filing documents

See the clean copy of the proposed rules

See press release
Tillamook County Proposed Beach Vehicle Restriction Maps

Rule Advisory Committee News Release

Tillamook Beach Driving Rule Advisory Committee Members (Confirmed)
  • Mary Faith Bell, Tillamook County Commissioner
  • Bri Goodwin, Surfrider Foundation
  • Paul Reilly, OPRD
  • Laurel Hillman, OPRD
  • Andrew Echeverria, Cascade Paragliding Club
  • Victor Troxel, Tillamook County Resident
  • Joseph Hay, Pacific City Nestucca Chamber
  • Ray Monroe, Pacific City Doryman's Association
  • Craig Wenrick, Pacific City Doryman's Association
  • Gail Saxton, Tiera Del Mar Community Association
  • Justin Aufdermauer, Tillamook Chamber

Watch the Rule Advisory Committee Meeting


Katie Gauthier
Legislative Coordinator

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