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Proposed OPRD Rules

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, in accordance with the state's established rulemaking process, develops and maintains Chapter 736 of the Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs). All agency rulemaking notices are published on the first of each month by the Secretary of State in the Oregon Bulletin. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission must authorize the agency to proceed with rulemaking before rulemaking notices can be filed with the Secretary of State and rules opened for public comment. Once the public comment period has closed, the agency prepares the final rules text and submits to the commission for consideration and approval of final text prior to permanent adoption.

Interested Parties List

Are you interested in receiving emails about OPRD rulemaking activity? OPRD maintains an interested parties email list and sends updates when rulemaking public comment periods are opened. To be added to the interested parties list, please complete the form and submit. You can also email to be removed from the list

Rule Advisory Committees
Occasionally, OPRD convenes advisory committees to help develop new rules or change current rules for state parks, the ocean shore, heritage or other department programs. Please let us know if you would like to be considered as a volunteer member of one of those committees by using the drop down below.

Rulemaking Pages

Rule Number and Name
Month / Year / Rule Topic
Upcoming 736-010-0026 Electric-assisted bicycle
Fall 2024 Electric-assisted Bicycles
Upcoming 736-010-0000 General Park Area Rules
Summer 2024 General Park Area Rules
Upcoming 736-030-0020 Prohibition of Brookings Ocean Shore Overnight Camping
Fall 2024 Brookings Ocean Shore Overnight Camping
UpcomingNo Current OAR Exists
Summer 2024 Main Street Grant Program
736-015-0006/0043 Fees
July 2024 Updated Rate Ranges
736-040-0070 Deschutes River Scenic Waterway
May 2024 Boundary Definitions Update
Closed 736-004-0015 ATV Definitions
Oct 2023 Definitions Update
Closed 736-010-0020 General Regulations
June 2023 Exclusion Rules
Closed 736-021-0090 Cultural, Historic, and Wildlife Resources
Oct 2023 Marine Plant and Macroalgae Collection
Closed 736-018-0045 Park Master Plans
July 2023 Smith Rock Master Plan
April 2021 Pilot Butte Master Plan
Closed 736-024-0025 Vehicles and Aircraft Restriction on oregon Shore
June 2023 Lincoln County Ocean Shore Vehicle Restriction
Dec 2020 Tillamook County Ocean Shore Vehicle Restrictions
Closed 736-009-0025 Oregon Scenic Bikeways
March 2023 Scenic Bikeways
Closed 736-006-0105 Statutory Authority and Procedure
Aug 2022 Local Government Grant Program
Closed 736-051-0080 Archaelogical permits
July 2022 Archaeological Permit on Public Lands
Closed 736-051-0000 Archaelogical permits May 2022 Issuance of Permits Dispute Resolution Process
Closed 736-050-0260 State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation
May 2022 Historic Preservation Advisory Committee Procedures
Closed 736-010-0000 General Park Area Rules
March 2022 Take-off and Landing of Drones
Closed 736-050-0250 State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation March 2022 National Register Document Requirements
Closed 736-010-0055 General Park Area
Dec 2021 Hunting Rules
Closed 736-000-000 OPRD OAR 002,010,015
Oct 2021 Legeslative Changes to OAR's
Closed 736-140-000 Collaborative Dispute Resolution Model
Oct 2021 Collaborative Dispute Resolution Model
Closed 736-008-0000 Land Water and Conservation Fund
May 2021 LWCF Grant Program Rule
Closed 736-002-0170 Outdoor Recreation Advisory Counci
March 2021 Outdoor Recreation Advisory Council: Membership and Function
Closed 736-015-0015 Rates

Dec 2020 Reservation Rulemaking

Rulemaking pages will be archived after five calendar years. To request information on previous rulemaking please reach out to Robert Ellison Policy Coordinator.