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What is OYA Foster Care?

Two Latino men standing outside with Latino teenage boy

OYA’s foster care program is different from others you may have heard about.

We only provide homes for teenagers and young adults in OYA custody, and we don’t do adoptions. 

We serve:
  • Teenagers who are working their way toward returning home, and
  • Youth ages 18 to 24 who need help learning independent-living skills.
OYA foster parents provide basic housing, food, clothing, transportation, recreational opportunities, spending money, and reasonable incidentals for youth. 

The youth have a state medical card to pay for their medical, mental health, and other necessary treatment costs.

OYA foster parents:
  • Provide a stable, safe, clean living environment.
  • Model positive behaviors and choices. 
  • Hold youth accountable for their behaviors.
  • Support youth in learning new skills and behaviors.
  • Provide structured supervision.
  • Supervise and know where the youth is at all times.
  • Help the youth learn to budget and save money.
  • Work with the youth's juvenile parole/probation officer (JPPO) to establish a case plan that meets the needs of the youth.