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The Investment Division manages, on behalf of Oregonians, a portfolio with a market value of over $103 billion. The division manages the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF), the State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF), the Oregon Short Term Fund (OSTF), the Common School Fund, and several state agency fixed income portfolios​. With assets of $78 billion, OPERF was recently ranked the 21st largest pension fund in the U.S. ​ 

Directions to Offices 

Directions to the Office of the State Treasurer in Salem and Tigard Offices.

Investment Division Contact Numbers

Investment Division General Phone: (503) 431-7900

  • Short Term / Fixed Income: (503) 431-7900
  • Public Equity: (503) 431-7900
  • Private Equity: (503) 431-7900
  • Real Estate: (503) 431-7900​
  • Investment Division Fax:  (503) 620-4731
  • Legal / Compliance Fax:  (503) 620-4752

Oregon Investment Council   (OIC)  

This council invests all State of Oregon funds, including the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund and the State Accident Insurance Fund.    

Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF)

The OPERF is managed by the Oregon State Treasury, under the direction of the Oregon Investment Council. The Council's statutory mandate is to achieve the highest return possible on its investments. The Oregon State Treasury does not administer the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System. PERS is directed by its own independent board and administered by its own agency based in Tigard, Oregon.​

Oregon Local Government Intermediate Fund​ ​

The Oregon Local Government Intermediate Fund (OLGIF) is a comingled investment pool for local government offered by Oregon State Treasury (OST) due to Legislation HB2140.  OLGIF provides qualified local government participants with an OST vehicle to invest funds over a longer term horizon than the Oregon Short Term Fund (OSTF).

Oregon Short-Term Fund (OSTF)

​State agencies, cities, counties, and other public entities across Oregon have the option to invest in the Oregon Short Term Fund (OSTF) or the Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) to keep their funds safe while earning a modest return.