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Buy Oregon Bonds

Buy Oregon Bonds

Invest in Oregon with Oregon Bonds

Bond investing offers advantages for certain investors, who can earn a rate of return while helping to build a better state. The Buy Oregon Bonds program gives individuals the first opportunity to buy state-issued bonds, before institutional buyers like mutual funds.

Oregon bonds -- and the investors who buy them -- provide funding for road construction, energy transmission lines, schools, water, and other critical infrastructure projects. Projects on the drawing board include bridges, new buildings and repairs at community colleges and universities, and seismic rehabilitation projects.

This website is not an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy bonds or notes. Oregon Bonds are only available for purchase through a licensed municipal securities broker-dealer. For more information on municipal securities in general, visit the EMMA website. For more information on upcoming State of Oregon bond sales, go here.

Find State Financial Information using the links below:

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Economic & Revenue Forecasts

Public Employees Retirement System

Governor's Recommended Budget

Legislatively Adopted Budget

Oregon bonds are an investment in important public infrastructure and ultimately in our long-term quality of life, and they offer advantages for certain investors. Buy Oregon Bonds makes it easier for individual investors to purchase state bonds.

Bond investors receive predictable interest payments in exchange for their investments. In addition, the interest income from many of these bonds are exempt from federal and Oregon personal income taxes. Consult your broker or financial advisor for details and to see if municipal bonds are appropriate for you.

Important Note:

This website is not an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy bonds or notes. Bonds and notes may only be purchased through a municipal securities broker-dealer. You should not purchase bonds until you have reviewed an Official Statement that may be viewed through the Debt Management Division's website or obtained from a broker-dealer.


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For information on municipal securities data and documents, visit the EMMA website.

To learn about the State Debt Policy Advisory Commission, go here .

For information on upcoming State of Oregon bond offerings, go here.

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