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ODDS is committed to engaging with individuals, families, providers, and case management partners to gather feedback on policy and guidance proposals.

Policy and Guidance Feedback

ODDS is seeking feedback on the following proposed policies or worker guides. ODDS may include specific questions that will help guide our decision making however, we welcome all constructive feedback for improving our policies and guidance. ODDS will respond to comments and suggestions which will be posted with the final version of the policy or worker guide.

Comments or suggestions submitted anonymously may not be included in ODDS's responses to the proposal although the comment or suggestion will be reviewed and considered for improvement to the policy or guidance.

What happens to my feedback? 

When the proposal is finalized and published you can find ODDS responses to feedback along with the draft and final guidance on the Archive page

Policy/Worker Guide
Action Request Transmittal- LTCCN Prior Authorization-Transition
Summary: ODDS is seeking feedback on an Action Request Transmittal regarding the transition of LTCCN prior authorizations from local APD offices to local CME’s. The AR gives an overview of transition planning and asks CME’s to identify at least two staff from their offices who will be assigned and trained to complete prior authorizations.
ODDS Questions
  • Are the instructions in the transmittal clear enough?  
  • Are the next steps and timelines helpful and understandable?
  • Do you have any additional questions regarding the information in the AR?
ODDS will be collecting feedback through 3/29/19. Please send responses to this request to with a subject of “LTCCN Action Request”


Employment Services for People with Health and Safety Needs; Professional Behavior Services in Employment Service Settings
Summary: Draft guidance regarding “Employment Services for People with Health and Safety Needs” and “Professional Behavior Services in Employment Service Settings” is intended to clarify opportunities for VR/DD collaboration in these areas.
ODDS/VR Questions: There are several questions identified withinn the document where specific feedback is requested. Please also provide feedback on whether the policy is clear, and whether additional questions must be addressed in order to implement.
Deadline: ODDS will be collecting feedback through March 31, 2019. Please send responses to this proposal to with the subject "Employment Services Feedback"
Input on Proposed Discovery Profile and Accompanying Proposed Policy
Summary: The proposed Discovery Profile and accompanying policy are the result of two years of stakeholder input. Before implementing a new profile and policy, ODDS will be conducting a Discovery Pilot. The Pilot will  provide stakeholders and ODDS to gain insight into the proposed process and Discovery Profile. However, the opportunity to comment and offer suggestions, etc. is open to everyone. The proposed policy and Profile would impact Discovery providers, SCs/PAs and the people ODDS supports.
ODDS Questions: When answering questions, if you are suggesting that something needs to change, please explain how you propose to change it.
  1. Does the content of the Profile flow in an orderly way?
  2. Do the mechanics of the form (drop downs, optional sections, etc.) work?
  3. Do the instructions of the Profile make sense?
  4. Are the evaluation standards (in each section of the Profile) understandable?
  5. Are the proposed Discovery Guidelines for SCs/PAs understandable?
  6. Does the Pre-Discovery Checklist provide a sound process for SCs/PAs to approve or deny profiles?
  7. Are the experiential component requirements clear?
Deadline: ODDS will be collecting feedback until Noon on March 28, 2019. Send feedback to with the subject "Discovery Profile"

Employment services referral and release of information (multi-agency)

Summary: The multi-agency referral and release of information for employment services was developed with stakeholders from Oregon's Employment First agencies (VR, ODDS, and Education). These referral and release tools, as well as the related training tools, are intended to help streamline the delivery of employment services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Oregon, and ensure individuals have an opportunity to make an informed choice about sharing important information that is relevant to the delivery of employment services.

** Note: For best user experience, please download this form to your desktop and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

ODDS and VR Questions:  

  • Are the training tools and forms easy to understand? If not, what information is needed for clarity?
  • Do you have additional information regarding what may be considered best practice for the process relating to make an referral for employment services? 
  • Do you have additional questions regarding this policy?

Deadline: Please send responses to this policy proposal to with a subject of "Employment referral" no later than March 31, 2019.



Interested in ODDS responses to previous draft proposals? Visit our archive page for a copy of the proposed guidance, ODDS's responses, and the final document.

Stakeholder Groups Forming

ODDS frequently forms stakeholder groups to work and advise on policy topics. Visit this section to check for opportunities to participate.

ODDS may limit participation in stakeholder groups based on size of the group and role of participants. ODDS may reach out to stakeholders through other avenues to ensure broad and diverse perspectives are represented.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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