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As a reminder, cloth masks and gators are approved face coverings, however they must be double layered. Single layer Gators may be worn as a face covering as long as they are folded over to create two layers of fabric over the nose and mouth.

 As we move forward in lessening COVID restrictions, we are modifying some restrictions during AIC visiting. Beginning today, AICs and visitors are allowed a brief embrace at the beginning and end of their visits, may hold hands, and minor children may be held on the AICs lap as allowed by the Visiting Rule. The prohibition of kissing and the requirement to wear masks remain in effect, and sharing of food and beverages will still not be allowed. 


The Department of Corrections (DOC) will no longer categorize institutions by Tiers 1-4. We will categorize the transmission risk of COVID-19 in our facilities by GREEN, YELLOW, and RED status. Institution status will determine the preventive strategies, or enhanced preventive strategies, to be implemented to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The new statuses are briefly explained as follows:

  • GREEN – defines no active cases of COVID-19 within an correctional facility. Green status allows facilities to initiate and continue modification of enhanced COVID-19 prevention strategies.
  • YELLOW – defined by an active case, reduced transmission within a correctional facility, or a COVID-19 Community Level of medium or high in the community in which the facility is located (including when there are no active cases of COVID-19 within the facility). Yellow status requires institutions to consult on which enhanced prevention strategies can be continued to be modified.
  • RED – defines active transmission within a correctional facility. Red status requires active management and mitigation by enhanced COVID-19 prevention strategies based upon consultation.

ATTENTION: All visitors must ensure they are on the adult in custody's approved visitors list before scheduling an in-person visit. While the online system allows for scheduling regardless of visitor status, the visit will be denied at the institution if the visitor is not approved. Check with your incarcerated loved one to ensure your visiting status is up to date. You can email the visiting application to the Visitor Services Unit or fax to (503) 373-1173. You can also mail the form to Visiting Services Unit, 3723 Fairview Industrial Dr. Suite 200, Salem, OR 97302.