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COVID-19 Guidance for CCOs and Oregon Health Plan providers

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Resources for all Oregon providers

Visit OHA's COVID-19 for health care partners page for crisis care resources, testing guidance and data, clinical and infection control guidance for health care providers, labs, pharmacies and other health care partners.

Visit OHA's main COVID-19 page for updates about the current situation in Oregon and community resources.

Resources for Oregon Health Plan providers and CCOs

Operational and billing information for Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) providers and coordinated care organizations. 

Please refer to the Oregon Medicaid COVID-19 Provider Guide for:

  • Current guidance regarding covered services, telemedicine, eligibiliity, prior authorization and billing instructions during the COVID-19 emergency
  • Links to previously-issued memos, related resources, pertinent Oregon Administrative Rules and federal guidance  

Provider Matters

This twice-monthly ebulletin contains a round-up of recent COVID-19 updates and resources. For older issues, visit the Provider Matters page.

1/7/2022COVID-19 treatment updates; OHA recruitments; recent rule revisions


Applies To
11/24/2021Clarification regarding flexibility to use private commercial transportation optionsNon-emergent medical transportation brokerages
11/19/2021Fee-for-service coverage of COVID-19 home testing policy updatePharmacies
11/19/2021Revision to Oregon Health Plan coverage of home testing for COVID-19CCOs
11/19/2021Update to fee-for-service COVID-19 home testing coverage effective December 1, 2021All Providers
11/4/2021CAWEM coverage of COVID-19 home tests and flu vaccinations during the COVID-19 Public Health EmergencyAll Providers
11/3/2021Oregon Health Plan coverage of children’s COVID-19 and flu immunizations at OHP-enrolled pharmaciesCCOs
10/29/2021Fee-for-service coverage of COVID-19 home testing effective November 8, 2021All Providers
10/22/2021Fee-for-service point of sale billing for COVID-19 and flu immunizations provided to Oregon Health Plan (OHP)-eligible childrenPharmacies
9/27/2021Prior authorization required for fee-for-service coverage of oral ivermectinPrescribing providers
9/22/2021“No Wrong Door” for Oregon Health Plan providers billing for covered monoclonal antibody (mAb) servicesAll Providers
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Questions and answers

For Providers and CCOs

View Medicaid flexibilities during COVID-19 >>

Oregon Medicaid COVID-19 Provider Guide - Updated 12/23/2021, see bookmarks for changesReference
Novel Coronavirus Coding - Updated 10/8/2021Codes
Oregon Medicaid Coverage of COVID-19 Vaccine Administration - Updated 9/2/2021, see bookmarks for changesBilling
Reimbursement for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration under the Alternative Payment and Advanced Payment Care Model ProgramAlternate Payment Methodology, Billing
Reimbursement for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration for FQHC, RHC and IHCP ProvidersBilling
Fee-for-Service Provider Stability Payment ApplicationCOVID-19
Fee-for-Service Provider Stability Payment InstructionsCOVID-19
Provider Relief Fund Medicaid Distribution Tip SheetCOVID-19
Telemedicine-Telehealth Guidance for School-Based Health Services Providers.pdfReference

For Members

View COVID-19 information for OHP members >>

COVID-19 Home Tests for OHP and CAWEM Members
End of PHE fact sheet
Getting care from home - OHP member fact sheet - Spanish.pdf
Getting care without leaving your home - OHP member fact sheet.pdf
Novel coronavirus COVID-19 - OHP member fact sheet
Novel coronavirus COVID-19 - OHP member fact sheet - Spanish.pdf
OHP and CAWEM Coverage of COVID-19 and Flu Vaccines
(More Documents...)

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