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Report Changes to the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)

When Do You Need to Report Changes?

You need to report changes when:

  • Any information given on your OHP application changes. Please report changes within 10 days of the change.
  • You want to add or correct information you submitted on your OHP application.
  • You want to cancel your OHP.

Note: If you qualify for OHP Plus benefits but want to enroll in private health insurance coverage, known as a Qualified Health Plan (QHP), at
  • Canceling your OHP does not mean that you no longer qualify for OHP Plus.
  • As long as you qualify for OHP Plus, you will not qualify for financial help to pay for the QHP's monthly premium. You would need to pay full cost.

What Changes to Report

Changes include:

  • A claim for a personal injury
  • A change in mailing address or residence
  • The birth of a child
  • A change of legal name for anyone receiving OHP
  • For anyone in your household, a change that means they can get health coverage a different way, such as a new job
  • When you get or lose other health coverage or if any other health coverage you have changes. This includes employer-sponsored health insurance.
  • When someone becomes pregnant and when a pregnancy ends
  • A death in the household
  • Changes in your household, including if someone moves in or out
  • Changes in tax filing status or who is claimed as a tax dependent

Do you have individuals 19 and older in your household? If they receive health coverage, tell us about changes in their income or work:

  • A change in the source of income
  • A change in employment status
  • A change in earned income of more than $100 a month
  • A change in unearned income of more than $50 a month

 How to Report Changes 

You can report changes in one of the following ways:

To update contact information only, you can also call your coordinated care organization (CCO). Find CCO phone numbers.

​Most OHP members can report changes online at ​ Learn more about u​sing ONE​.

Report changes to your employer-sponsored or private health insurance at www.ReportTP​​.

If you get injured by another person or business, report it at www.reportinjuries.orgLearn more about why people who receive medical assistance mu​st report injuries​.

You can visit any Aging and People with Disabilities, Area Agency on Aging or Self-Sufficiency Programs Office in Oregon. Find an office near you.

You can also ask an OHP-certified community partner in your area for help. Find one at​​. This help is free.​

You can call ONE Customer Service at 800-699-9075 to report changes to OHP. You can call Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Currently hold times are lowest in the morning from 7 until 8 a.m.

You can also ask an OHP-certified community partner in your area for help. Find one at​. This help is free.​​

If you only need to report an address change, complete the Address Change Form. Find the Address Change Form in other languages:

If you need to report other changes, complete, date and sign the Change Report Form. Find the Change Report Form in other languages:

Send your completed form to OHP under a completed OHP Coversheet

P.O. Box 14015
Salem OR 97309-5032

Fax: 503-378-5628


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Report Other Insurance

If you get insurance other than OHP, you must report it. Other insurance is called third-party liability or TPL.

Let us know about your TPL. You can also report if your TPL changes or ends.