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State facilities and land

Services included in your rent

  • Repair and replace carpet, carpet tiles or other floor tiles
  • Service and maintain roll-up / overhead doors
  • Maintain storm water and sanitary sewer drainage systems
  • Patch walls
  • Routine painting
  • Install building signs
  • Service fire extinguishers
  • Test and maintain fire sprinkler systems
  • Repair and replace roofs
  • Maintain building's exterior  (wall surface finishes, glass, doors, caulk)
  • Maintain sidewalks, entry stairs, guard rails / handrails
  • Maintain and repair faucets, toilets and sinks
  • Install and test backflow devices
  • Service sump pump equipment
  • Maintain and repair domestic hot water systems

Additional services for a fee

  • Painting ouside of regular schedules
  • Installing interior items (marker boards, specialty signs, pictures, clocks, etc.)
  • Opening computer floor plates for agency moves or access
  • Setting up or tearing down conference rooms