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OSPS offers the following classes for new payroll staff members. If you would like additional information about a class, please contact​

​Classroom instruction

OSPA for beginners (Virtual)

Next class series: ​ May 18, 19, 25th, & 26th
The OSPA for Beginners Training class was developed for employees who are new to State of Oregon Payroll or for those newer payroll professionals who would like a little more hands on instruction with the Oregon State Payroll Application. During four 2 hour sessions participants will receive hands on learning opportunities. The class covers common screens and processes in OSPA. Registration can be found on Workday.

OSPA payroll reports training (Virtual)

Next Class: June 23
The OSPA Payroll Reports Training was developed for employees who are new to State of Oregon payroll or for those payroll professionals who would like more information on the reports that are important to work with each paryoll run. This class will provide participants with an overview of required record retention rules, focus on critical reports (what they are, how to work them) and finally ending with how to work exception reports. Registration can be found on Workday.



OSPS does not charge for OSPS developed training. However, Financial Business Services (FBS) does charge a $50.00 fee when a student registers for an OSPS class conducted in a computer lab and does not cancel 48 hours prior to the class or send a substitute. This fee is included in the Statewide Price List of Goods and Services.



Other available classes 


None at this time




How to register

Both the online and classroom courses are in the online course catalog in Workday. Search by OSPS, OSPA, or payroll.  Enroll from the catalog listing.
If you have questions or problems, click on "Email DAS Support" on the Workday ​​