OSPS offers the following classes for new payroll staff members. If you would like additional information about a class, please contact​

​Classroom instruction

OSPA for beginners (Classroom, 2 half day sessions 1:00pm-4:30pm)

Next class series: ​ ​​In accordance with Executive Order initiative Stay Home, Save Lives OSPA training classes have been postponed. Please watch for an eNews for times and dates when we are able to hold in person training again. 
The OSPA for Beginners Training class was developed for employees who are new to State of Oregon Payroll or for those newer payroll professionals who would like a little more hands on instruction with the Oregon State Payroll Application. During 2 half day sessions participants will receive hands on learning opportunities.  On day 1, the class will cover how payroll is calculated and basic OSPA screen functions. On day 2, the class will look more in depth at recommended payroll processes for daily, weekly and monthly payroll functions.   


OSPA payroll reports training (Classroom, two hour session 2:30pm - 4:30pm)

Next Class: June 2020
The OSPA Payroll Reports Training was developed for employees who are new to State of Oregon payroll or for those payroll professionals who would like more information on the reports that are important to work with each paryoll run. This class will provide participants with an overview of required record retention rules, focus on critical reports (what they are, how to work them) and finally ending with how to work exception reports.




OSPS does not charge for OSPS developed training. However, Financial Business Services (FBS) does charge a $50.00 fee when a student registers for an OSPS class conducted in a computer lab and does not cancel 48 hours prior to the class or send a substitute. This fee is included in the Statewide Price List of Goods and Services.



Online classes

OSPS offers online classes through iLearnOregon. Students can complete them at their desks at a time that is convenient for them. The classes include (click on the title to access the classes through iLearn):

Working the exception report "B055RG" (30 minutes)

This tutorial will acquaint you with the OSPA generated B055RG report and show you some typical, and not-so-typical problems that you might encounter while "working" the report.

Calculating FIT withholding in OSPA (1 hour) - Currently Unavailable

This class walks through the steps OSPA takes in calculating federal income tax withholding during a payroll run.

Calculating retirement contributions in OSPA (1 hour)

This class walks through the steps OSPA takes in calculating PERS retirement subject wages and contributions during a payroll run.

Leave accrual in OSPA / LARS (Series of 5 Classes, 5 hours total)


Reading the OSPA payroll registe​r​ (1 hour)

This class explores the detailed data found on the OSPA Payroll Registers. It is a required perquisite for Problem Solving with the Payroll Register, a seminar-style class.

Other available classes 


None at this time




How to register

Both the online and classroom courses are in the online course catalog in iLearnOregon. Search by OSPS, OSPA, or payroll.  Enroll from the catalog listing.
Prior to logging in, if you need help setting up an account, enrolling in a class, printing a certificate, etc., click on iLearn Help Resources in the lower right corner of the login screen. Once you have logged on, the left panel in iLearnOregon includes the iLearnOregon Help Center.
If you have questions or problems, click on "Email DAS Support" on the iLearnOregon login page.  ​​