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OSPS Services

Normal Schedu​le

Monday-Saturday: 6:00 a.m. ​to 6:00 p.m.

Holidays: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(unavailable Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

Special R​​e​quests

OSPA can be brought up for special needs by request. To arrange for this service, please contact the OSPS Manager.

OSPS needs a minimum of two business days' notice to arrange special access. Thank you.

Official OSPS Tim​​​e (for Manual Check Cutoff Purposes)

The official OSPS time for purposes of manual check deadlines corresponds to the official U.S. time clock, maintained by NIST & USNO. Official Time - Pacific​

Tips for Manual Check ​S​uccess 
If you have more than 20 manual checks in one day,
See the section titled, Bulk Manual Check Requests, for special processing instructions that apply.
What is a manual payroll check?
- Manual (aka "Special" or "Off-cycle") payroll checks are those checks which are produced outside of the two system runs for the 1st and 15th of the month pay days.
Who can request a manual check?

- Oregon Accounting Manual (OAM) Policy 45.25.00.PO and its associated procedure 45.25.00.PR govern the conditions for requesting a manual check.
- Designate signature authorities by completing the OAM Form 75.45.01.FO, Authorized OSPA Signatures and sending the original to OSPS.  Faxed copies are not acceptable.  Changes to authorized signatures require a new completed form.
- Once this form has been received by OSPS, the people so designated can simply sign subsequent check requests until or unless an updated form removes their authority to do so.
How do I request a manual payroll check?
- To request a manual payroll check, fax the request to us at (503) 378-3518 by 11:30am daily. No cover sheet is necessary. If requesting more than 20 checks per day, please follow the "Bulk Manual Check Requests " guidelines below.
- We practice good audit controls when we prepare manual checks because we are accountable for using good control. Following are some of the requirements for ordering a manual check:
  • No stamped signatures are accepted on any document ordering a check.
  • No initials, no typed signatures, no signatures signed by someone "for" another person.
  • For closed pay periods, set the corrective flag to "Y".
The person authorized to sign a request for issuance of a check must personally sign the request.
The employee´s signature is required on a pay advance request. The advance request must be signed by the manager and the person in your agency who is authorized to approve pay advances.
Label your manual check requests - "termination", "retirement", "error correction", "timekeeper error", or another short descriptive statement. In the case of deceased employees, please note if the payee is the surviving spouse or dependent child. If the request is to "the estate of" no further explanation is necessary.
How often are manual payroll checks produced?
- Manual checks are produced daily and placed in agency lockboxes or in the shuttle pickup area by 3:00pm. We put a note on PMS when checks are ready for pickup.

- Deadline to request manual checks is 8:30am.  If you´re running close to the deadline, please call us at (503) 378-6777 option 0 to see if we can hold the batch for you.  Bulk orders of manual checks (seasonal terminations for example) have different criteria.  See the section marked "Bulk Manual Check Requests ", below.

​​​As a service to our agency partners, OSPS provides bulk manual check processing in order to meet seasonal or special needs.  Bulk, or large-volume, checks mean more than 20 individual check requests in any one daily check run.
Same-day service for bulk checks requires our agency partners to comply with unique criteria. This is necessary in order to maintain normal daily check service to all agencies.
Regulations regarding the timing of final checks are covered in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) Chapter 652, Section 140. For more information see the BOLI website for an easy-to-read summary.

Compliance I​ncentives​

For following all outlined bulk check criteria, you can choose these additional benefits:
  • 8:30 a.m. deadline
  • Special fax number for bulk faxing (instead of in-person delivery)
  • Manual check “register” (check listing)
  • Telephone notification when checks ready for pickup

Bulk Che​ck Cr​iteria

  • Notify us before 8:30 a.m. on the same day you intend to submit bulk manual check requests.
  • Use the same Employee ID format for all requests; either all EID or all SSN.
  • If using more than one pay period, separate requests by period.
  • Alphabetize all check requests within each pay period.
  • Group requests into batches of 100 or less and deliver them in person* each hour.
  • Earlier deadline—see Deadline Schedule.
* Alternate fax service available; see Compliance Incentives

Deadline S​chedule

Later deadline available; see Compliance Incentives
​Number of checks requested Deadline for same-day delivery
 21 to 75 requests 9:30 a.m.
 76 to 150 requests 9:00 a.m.
 150 + requests  8:30 a.m.​

Training is available through our formal classroom training, monthly user forums, and by appointment on a one-on-one basis for any special needs.​

We offer a variety of hands-on and seminar classes. See our Training Page for more details and registration information.

OSPA User Forums​, held quarterly, provide in-depth training opportunities on a variety of subjects.​

​Specialized training is available by appointment based on staff availability on a one-on-one basis for any special needs. Contact the OSPS Manager​​ to make arrangements for this training.​

​​Following each final payroll cutoff, all payroll reports are posted to a secure online server for agency access.

We print two reports on paper:  XREF46D Registers and the B470CM Leave Accrual Detail. These are securely delivered by DAS Publishing & Distribution on the day after final cutoff for Run 1, or the second day after final cutoff for Run 2. To turn these off, contact OSPS.
Unforeseen circumstances may in rare instances cause a delay in the distribution schedule. Watch PMSG for notification of delays.​

Along with the PMSG screen, this is our primary method of communication. All payroll staff members and related stakeholders should subscribe to this list.

OSPS-News is designed for agency payroll staff for their use and information, allowing OSPS staff the ability to distribute important information in a timely, paperless format.

To subscribe to this list, visit the subscription screen for osps-news.  Subscription is open to all interested parties.  NOTE:  You must confirm your subscription within 3 days using instructions from the email you'll receive in order to fully-subscribe.

Archives of past notices are also accessible from the osps-news screen. The archives are unrestricted; simply click on the archives link and browse through the listed information.

​​Other newsgroups administered by members of the Financial Business Systems Division include Datamart groups, fiscal groups, and fiscal association groups. Please visit the Newsgroups page for more details.

From time to time, you may find it necessary to request a modification to the way OSPA performs a task. An example for this would be implementing a change to union dues amounts or calculation method.

Requests of this nature require OSPA modification. To request an OSPA modification, contact our OSPS Senior Application Development Analyst, Geri Greeno-Sanders​ for time and price estimates.