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Workplace Investigations

Welcome to the DAS CHRO Oregon State Government Investigations webpage. This webpage is a compilation of information and resources that can serve as a portal to workplace investigation topics.

Please note:

  • This page is not a substitute for legal advice.
  • This page does not and cannot override federal law, state law, administrative rules and collective bargaining agreements.
  • This page is not a substitute for ongoing agency or professional organization training.
  • While the intent is to update this material to comply with applicable laws, rules, policies and bargaining agreements, it is still incumbent upon you (the user) to use the current and effective laws, rules, policies and agreements.
  • Applicable laws, rules, policies or bargaining agreement provisions take precedence over information contained on this website when in conflict.

Contracted Investigations

DAS CHRO has a team of investigators available to assist with your investigation needs on a contracted basis.

Reasons for utilizing CHRO: If the investigation involves HR or an executive management employee, another conflict of interest exists, the investigation requires experience in a specialized area, or if an expedient process is required and the agency has limited capacity.

To discuss pricing and fit for contract please contact us at

Workplace Investigations Advisory Group

The Workplace Investigations Advisory Group is comprised of diverse agency subject matter experts that are dedicated to guiding and enhancing Enterprise investigation protocols with empathy and fairness. Our focus on fairness includes legal compliance, accountability, integrity, collective bargaining agreements, due process, and just cause. Our focus on empathy includes racial justice, trauma informed approaches, equity, compassion, and self-awareness of assumptions.


This independent group meets monthly and is receptive to agenda topics or discussion from agency stakeholders.