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Sustainable Buildings for All

The Sustainable Buildings for All framework was developed by a coalition of sustainability and equity experts and advocates. SB4A provides a template that local governments may choose to adapt and use to incentivize, and therefore accelerate, the development of building projects in their communities that achieve high levels of environmental performance, social equity and human and environmental health.

SB4A has three primary goals:
  • Climate Action: Accelerate transformational climate action by incentivizing low- and zero-carbon buildings, including both operational and embodied carbon.
  • Equity and Racial Justice: Prioritize access to sustainable buildings, and the health and wealth benefits of the sustainable building industry for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC), rural, low-income and frontline communities.
  • Health of Humans and the Environment: Increase access to healthy buildings and sites for all; minimize the impacts of the built environment on the natural environment. 

Sustainable Buildings for All Webinar Series recordings

​​​​​This webinar provides an introduction to the Sustainable Buildings for All incentive framework. It discusses why the built environment is critical to addressing the climate, equity, and health goals of your jurisdiction and community and provides an overview of the structure and key elements of the framework.

In the second webinar Jess Harris (City of Seattle) and Paul Roman (Arlington County) provide an overview of their jurisdictions' respective sustainable building incentive programs including key takeaways, lessons learned, and performance metrics. ​


​​​​In the third webinar Rebecca Heilig (Earth Advantage), Aubrie Christensen (ILFI), and Jennifer Gunby (USGBC) provide an overview of their organization and certifications that are included in the SB4A framework, as well as information for how to learn even more about each certification. ​

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​ The final webinar features case studies highlighted in the SB4A report. Jennifer Nye (Salazar Architect), Alex Boetzel (GreenHammer), and Marc Brune (PAE) present an overview of their projects and discuss their projects in relation to the proposed SB4A requirements and incentives. 

​​click here to see the video


Amanda Ingmire 
Architect and Senior Policy Analyst, Built Environment Program