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Developmental Disabilities Provider and Partner Resources

​​​Long-Term Care Community Nursing

Long-Term Care Community Nursing (LTCCN) is a nursing program that is designed to help individuals, their caregivers, foster home providers, and services coordinators/personal agents. An RN with LTCCN will develop supports needed to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities receiving Medicaid services manage their chronic health care needs while living in their own home or a foster home.
LTCCN can provide the following supports and services as needed:

  • A nursing assessment, medication review and service plan for the person
  • Health education for the person, caregivers, foster home providers and/or family members
  • Teaching for the individual who self directs their care or family members on how to perform tasks of nursing
  • RN delegation of nursing care tasks provided by a non-family or paid care provider
  • Technical assistance and progress summaries to the case manager regarding the person's healthcare needs
  • Care coordination with the person's medical and ancillary health providers
  • Long-Term Care Community Nursing Webinar
  • For more information visit Long-Term Care Community Nursing

Direct nursing services

Direct nursing (DNS) is a program designed to provide shift nursing to adults 21 years of age and older with complex health management support needs that require continual assessment and reassessment, supervision, nursing treatments, therapies, and interventions in their own home or a foster home. 

An ODDS RN will complete an assessment using the DNS Criteria for Adults to determine eligibility for DNS. Services coordinators and personal agents can send assessment requests to ​​ when an individual needs shift nursing supports to remain in their home or a foster home.

Children and young adults with complex nursing service needs

  • Medically Fragile Children's Waiver (birth-17)
  • Private duty nursing (18-20)

Nursing Training and Technical Assistance

ODDS strives to have all individuals safely served in-home and community-based care settings of their choice. ODDS works closely with individuals, families, caregivers, services coordinators, and personal agents to assist with hospital and nursing facility diversion and transition.

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