Developmental Disabilities Provider and Partner Resources

2019 SCPA Conference Documents​

Session 1 and 52 - Cultural Humility and Service Equity
Session 11 - It Takes a Village. Community Mapping as Step 1
Session 14 - Choice of Setting
Session 14 - Choice of Setting Handout 2
Session 14- Choice of Setting Handout 1
Session 15 - Helping Clients Save with Oregon ABLE
Session 18 - HCBS 101
Session 19 - Show Me the Money. Foundations of Financial Monitoring
Session 2 - Be Selfish Take Care of Yourself
Session 20 - 50 - Updates to ISP Form
Session 20 - 50 - Updates to ISP Form Handout
Session 21 - Modifying a Home to Meet an Assessed Need
Session 22 - Goals to Action Planning. How do We Support a Positive Vision for the Future
Session 23 - Tips for Writing a Robust CDP
Session 24 - HCBS. Balancing Individually Based Limitations and Safety
Session 26 - QA Process
Session 27 - Medicine Appointments and More. Foundations of Medical Monitoring
Session 29 - What's New in Nursing Services
Session 3 - Art of Conversation. Building and Utilizing Your Deck
Session 32 - Strength Based Planning and Problem Solving. Tools for Your Toolbox
Session 34 - Hearings 101
Session 35 - Monitoring of Nursing Care Plans
Session 36 - Social Media Strategies
Session 37 - Afraid of Commitment
Session 38 - Qualifying Encounters
Session 4 - Consent. Define Practice and Model
Session 40 and 66 - eXPRS EVV. What CME Staff Need to Know
Session 41 - Medical Concerns in the Emergency Setting
Session 44 - Shift Happens. Case Management Role as View of Disability Evolves
Session 45 - Employment Updates
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2018 SCPA Conference Documents

​2017 SCPA Conference Documents

Equity, Privilege, and DiversityEquity, Privilege, and Diversity
LifeCourse Community of PracticeLifeCourse Community of Practice
OAR Changes 2016 PowerPoint Trainings
OAR Changes January 2016
ODDS OAR Restructuring 2016 Training
 2016 Service Coordinator/Personal Agent Conference​
A Peek Into the Oregon Needs AssessmentA Peek Into the Oregon Needs Assessment
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) OverviewAutism Treatment Benefit The Nitty Gritty
Back Up PlansBackup Planning
CMEU Process Overview: The expectations and the challengesCMEU Process Presentation
Employment for People in the Higher TiersEmployment For People With Significant Disabilities
Environmental ModificationsEnvironmental Modifications and Scopes of Work
Forget What You Know About DementiaForget What You Know About Dementia
Guardianship Law: When, How, Who, Where and WhyClient Empowerment Guardianship Law
HCBS On-site Review Checklists: Common Missteps and FAQsHCBS On-Site Compliance Assessments Tips and Process
Identifying and Mitigating Conflicts of InterestConflict of Interest
Introduction to Charting the Life Course, Integrated Services & Supports StarLifeCourse 101-Foundation
Introduction to Charting the Life Course, Integrated Services & Supports StarLifeCourse Portfolio
Introduction to Charting the Life Course, Integrated Services & Supports StarLifeCourse Infographic
Introduction to Charting the Life Course, Integrated Services & Supports StarLIfe Trajectory Worksheet
Introduction to Charting the Life Course, Integrated Services & Supports StarLong Term Services and Supports Template
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2015 Service Coordinator/Personal Agent Conference​

ANA CNA Refresher Training
Basic Case Management Roles and Responsiblities
Culture, Language and Access
DRO Guardianship Presentation
DRO Worksheet
Exceptions and Funding Reviews
Maintaining Good Relationships While Meeting Core Responsibilities
Notification of Planned Action Hearing Requests
Notifications, Compaints and Rights
Qualifying Encounters and Writing Progress Notes
Self-Determination in a K-Plan World
Strategies to get the best picture of support needs

2​014 Service Coordinator/Personal Agent Conference

A Dozen Donuts
Career Development Plan and Discovery
Choice Advising
Cultural Competence Self-Test
Developmental Stages of Infants and Children
Employment Services and Plan of Care
Facilitation Session
Getting Information You Need
Introduction to Oregon ISP
Issuing a NOPA
K-Plan and Waiver Overview
Level of Care
ODDS Funding Review Process
Quarterly Contact Requirements
The Child Needs Assessment