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Central Accounting
Welcome to Central Accounting
To secure uninterrupted flow of goods and services through timely payment of agency claims.
To ensure availability of funds as needed through effective receivable practices and timely receipting of all agency revenues.
To provide timely and accurate financial reporting both to external users through inclusion in the statewide Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and for internal use to answer business questions posed by our divisions.
To effectively safeguard agency assets and the integrity of financial information through sound fiscal policies and practices.

Mission Statement
To ensure accuracy, accountability and efficiency in the capture, compilation and reporting of all DOC financial activity.

Accounts Technician processes all agency payments for purchases of goods or services through Contracts, Purchase Orders, Limited Monthly Purchase Agreements (LMPA), Small Purchase Order Transaction System (SPOTS cards),  Administrative Billings, Travel Claims, Medical Claims, Utilities and others.

Accounts Receivable invoices and collects all agency billable revenues resulting from program activity or administrative agreement.

Financial Accounting processes all agency journal entries, also reconciles agency funds and accounts, analyzes financial data and prepares financial reports and statements.

The Accounting Manager ensures efficient and effective operation of all sections within Central Accounting through management, supervision and practical support and ensures all sections have the tools and information needed for optimal performance.

The Fiscal Services Accountant 4 ensures leadership and guidance are available to Central Accounting and the department through fiscal policies and procedures and through interpretation of department and statewide policy and GAAP.

 Mailing Address  Hours of Operation  Contact
 2575 Center St. NE  8:00 am to 5:00 pm  Operator
 Salem, OR 97301-4667    Phone: 503-945-9211

 Name  Phone No.  Email
Greg Nash 
Accounting Manager
 503-945-9228 Greg.G.Nash@doc.state.or.us
Jeff Lucas
 503-945-9205 Jeff.D.Lucas@doc.state.or.us 
Matt Berg 
Accounting Tech
 503-945-9204 Matthew.K.Berg@doc.state.or.us 
Joan Brooks 
 503-945-7151 Joan.M.Brooks@doc.state.or.us 
Belinda Dunn 
 503-945-9203 Belinda.Dunn@doc.state.or.us
Corinna Gates 
Accounting Tech
 503-945-8875 Corinna.M.Gates@doc.state.or.us
Delia Jenkins 
Accounting Tech
 503-945-9766 Delia.T.Jenkins@doc.state.or.us
Gina Lathrop 
Accounting Tech
 503-945-9456 Gina.D.Lathrop@doc.state.or.us
Kami Gammon 
Accounting Tech
 503-945-2824 Kami.G.Gammon@doc.state.or.us 
Khris Nunnery
Accounting Tech
 503-945-0906 Khris.M.Nunnery@doc.state.or.us

Steve Preston

 503-945-9226 Steve.K.Preston@doc.state.or.us
Nicole Reding 
Accounting Tech
 503-945-2810 Nicole.A.Reding@doclstate.or.us
Bianca Bassell  
Accounting Tech
 503-947-1036 Bianca.M.Bassell@doc.state.or.us
Cindy Thrapp 
Accounting Tech
 503-945-9952 Cyndi.K.Thrapp@doc.state.or.us
Richard Spoonheim 
 503-945-9421 Richard.Spoonheim@doc.state.or.us
Kathy Widby 
 503-947-1004 Kathleen.A.Widby@doc.state.or.us
Nok Smith
​ 503-945-9210 Nok.M.Smith@doc.state.or.us

​Kellie Spendal

​503 945-9081 Kellie.A.Spendal@doc.state.or.us
 Services  Phone No.  Email
AFAMIS System  503-373-7590  Gertie.T.Johnson@doc.state.or.us
Accounts Receivable/SPOTS Utilities  ​ 503-945-9766  ​Delia.T.Jenkins@doc.state.or.us
Banking/Receipts  503-945-9226  Matthew.K.Berg@doc.state.or.us
Journal Entries  503-945-9205  Jeff.D.Lucas@doc.state.or.us
Contract Payments-Personal   Services  503-945-9081  Corinna.M.Gates@doc.state.or.us
Contract Payments-Capital Improvement  503-945-9226  Steve.K.Preston@doc.state.or.us 
Fiscal Policy  503-945-7151  Joan.M.Brooks@doc.state.or.us
Fixed Assets/Inventory  503-945-9421  Richard.Spoonheim@doc.state.or.us
Medical Payments  503-945-9952  Cyndi.K.Thrapp@doc.state.or.us
New Prison Const.-Bonds-COPS ​ 503-945-9421 Richard.Spoonheim@doc.state.or.us
Grants/Oregon Trail Payments  503-945-9203  Belinda.Dunn@doc.state.or.us
County Contract Payments/PRAS  503-945-0906  Khris.M.Nunnery@doc.state.or.us
Purchase Orders    
   Vendors A - K  503-945-2810  Nicole.A.Reding@doc.state.or.us
   Vendors L- Z/Telephone-Utilities  503-945-2980  Kami.G.Gammon@doc.state.or.us
Purchase Orders Problem Resolution  503-945-8875  Corinna.M.Gates@doc.state.or.us
SPOTS Cards  503-945-9081


Travel Claims  503-947-1036  Bianca.M.Bassell@doc.state.or.us