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Agency Compliance Reviews

Agency Compliance Reviews                                    CJ IRIS Link

Debbie Anderson
The goal of the Agency Compliance Review (ACR) program is to educate and assist Oregon's Public Safety Agencies with understanding certification requirements for their employees.   By reviewing an agencies list of employees and identifying areas of non-compliance, the review will help to ensure an agency understands the requirements for employees working in criminal justice certified roles.

Frequency of Revie​​​​​w: Every 3 years

Agencies subject to review:  

​​All agencies with employees certified in Police, Corrections, Parole and Probation, Regulatory, Telecommunications and Emergency Medical Dispatch.

Review Process

  1. ​DPSST will initiate the review by sending an F23 Notice o​f Agency Compliance Review (ACR) to the agency head.
  2. The agency head or designee will review and ​update the F23 and send it back to DPSST along with a list of active reserves and employees in certified roles.
    • ​​For your agency’s convenience an Excel spreadsheet will be provided with the F23, which contains the required information. If your agency chooses to use the provided spreadsheet please return as an electronic spreadsheet and not a pdf.
  3. ​DPSST will update the information received on the F23 ​and conduct a review against our records for each individual listed to determine if they have had the necessary training and certifications required for their position.
  4. Upon completion of the review, the ACR worksheet will be returned to the agency detailing any discrepancies that were found and how to resolve them.

Key Points

  • Upon the agency's request, DPSST will provide training and guidance for any discrepancies that might have been discovered.
  • As our goal is to educate and assist, DPSST is committed to helping agencies ensure they are in compliance. 
  • Agencies who do not respond within 60 days from the initial request will have their ACR marked “Closed No Response".
  • A report of an agencies current ACR status will be provided to the Board during their quarterly meeting.
    • The ACR Board Report is informational only and provides a high-level overview of open, pending, closed no response, and completed ACRs.

​Agencies can choose to request a compliance review at any time​. ACR's may be requested after a change in leadership or when onboarding new administrative staff to ensure officer records are current, there is an understanding of the basic processes, and who to contact for questions.

To request an agency compliance review, complete the F23 Notice of Compliance Review form and send it to DPSST along with a spreadsheet of employees.​​​​​

The F23 Agency Compliance Review form requests information used by DPSST to ensure that various rules and standards are being upheld. Below is a brief overview of each section and why DPSST needs that specific information.

Notice Section

  • Contains agency name, date the notice was sent, and when it's expected to be returned.


  • This section explains why the compliance reviews exists and what DPSST needs from the agency in order to conduct the review. 

Agency Information

  • Agency name, address, phone, and fax are needed to confirm DPSST has current contact information.
  • Disciplines supported refers to the various public safety disciplines DPSST certifies. An agency's discipline(s) must be on record with DPSST to have individuals employed that meet the discipline definition for Police Officer, Corrections Officer, Parole and Probation Officers, Regulatory Specialists, Telecommunicators​ and Emergency Medical Dispatchers found in OAR 259-008-0005. Individuals cannot become certified or maintain existing certification(s) in a discipline not recognized by DPSST as being part of the supported disciplines for their agency.

Agency Rank Structure

  • DPSST must have knowledge of an agencies leadership rank structure to determine training requirements for individuals in supervisory and middle management roles as well as eligibility for supervisory, middle management and executive certificates. Since each agency has differing rank structures, DPSST must refer to the Agency Rank Structure report submitted by each agency to determine if a promotion or new hire would require leadership training.
  • The rank structure report is also used to determine if an individual is eligible to apply for leadership certification. (Example: If a sergeant would like management certification, and their agency's rank structure shows sergeants only at the supervisory level, they cannot apply for management certification.) The definitions for supervisory, management and executive certifications can be found in OAR​​ 259-008-0005.

Agency Head

  • Also known as the Department Head in OAR 259-008-0005. This is the chief of police, sheriff, superintendent or chief executive of a law enforcement unit or a public or private safety agency directly responsible for the administration of that unit or agency. 
  • DPSST must have current contact information for the agency's department head to ensure proper communications.

Maintenance Contacts

  • These individuals are identified by the agency department head and will receive quarterly notices of maintenance requirements for certified individuals. Having current maintenance contacts will ensure the agency is aware of any non-compliance issues related to the maintenance standards.

ACR Contact

  • This is a person or persons DPSST would contact regarding the ACR review process for clarifying questions or to provide any status updates. If left blank, DPSST will work with the department head.


  • The department head signature affirms any changes made to the form and confirms they have an understanding of the information being sent to DPSST.