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Railroad Police

Railroad Police                                                           CJ IRIS Link

Debbie Anderson
DPSST tracks federally required reporting of railroad polices officers operating in the State of Oregon as well as coordinates the commissioning of railroad police officers residing in Oregon or whose primary employment is in Oregon.

A​pplies to:

Railroad police offi​cers who reside in or whose primary employment is in Oregon.

Requirements to apply for​​ appointment and commission:  

The railroad police officer must have obtained DPSST Basic Police Certification in Oregon and be of good standing.

Length of Co​​mmission:  

The Railroad Police Officer Commission expires upon change in Governor.

Railroad ​​Compa​ny Requirements

  • ​Railroad companies must provide DPSST a primary contact responsible for the submission of commission requests, certification requests and photographs of certified railroad police officers or railroad police officers requesting certification.
  • After basic police certification is issued, the primary contact must submit an Application for Governor Appointment and Commission of Railroad Police Officer (F24) and passport quality photo to DPSST for each officer requesting a Governor’s commission.
  • Upon an officer’s separation from employment or transfer out of Oregon, the primary contact must return the Governor’s Commission card to DPSST and submit an F4s Personnel Action separating the officer from Oregon certified employment.
  • Upon a change in Governor, all commission cards will expire and the primary contact must request a new commission for all certified officers by resubmitting an F2​​4.

DPSST R​esponsibilities

 Upon receipt of the F24 form requesting appointment and commission, DPSST will : 

  • Verify the officer is employed by the requesting railroad company, holds an active DPSST Basic Police Certification, and is in good standing.
  • Coordinate with the Governor's office to obtain approval for appointment and commission​.
  • Print and send commission card to railroad company.​

By June 30 each year, railroad companies​​​ must report to DPSST a list of all railroad police officers who shall protect the railroad's property, personnel, passengers and cargo in Oregon. US Code 2011, Title 49 CFR 207.4.  The report must include:

  1. The name of the railroad police officer;
  2. The badge number, identification number, rank, code, or other identifying information assigned to the railroad police officer;
  3. The date of commission;
  4. The state or states where the railroad police officer is commissioned;
  5. The date the railroad police officer received training or retraining regarding the laws of such state or states;
  6. The name of the railroad official who designated the employee as a railroad police officer; and
  7. Color photographs of the types of badges, identification cards, and other identifying materials the railroad uses to identify its railroad police officers.​