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Division 8 Rules

OAR Chapter 259 Division 8 Rules

The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) and the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training (Board), adopt administrative rules that set the minimum standards for employment, training, and certification of criminal justice public safety professionals. These rules help DPPST carry out statutory requirements and act in accordance with the Agency's mission, to promote excellence in public safety.

Proposed, Temporary and Permanent Rule Changes

The following list provides the current and recent rule changes affecting criminal justice public safety professionals.  For all other rule changes and instructions on how to submit comments for a proposed rule change please visit DPSST's Statutes and Rules Page.

​This rule is repealed.

​Repealing: OAR 259-008-0069​

​Effective: October 28, 2022

​This rule change adds an equity training category to the maintenance requirements that apply to all law enforcement officers. The definition of law enforcement officer that applies to this rule includes police officers, corrections officers, parole and probation officers, and regulatory specialists (OAR 259-008-0005(19)). This rule change implements the police officer equity maintenance training provisions included in House Bill 2162 (2021). ​

​Amending: OAR 259-008-0065

​Effective: January 1, 2023

These rule changes implement House Bill 2936 (2021 Legislative Session). These rule changes are expected to become effective July 1, 2023. OAR 259-008-0015 provides the updates to the background standards to meet the requirements of HB 2936. OAR 259-008-0010 and OAR 259-008-0011 include the standards for the psychological screening that is required as part of the uniform background checklist under HB 2936. These background investigation and psychological evaluation standards will apply when hiring any police officer, reserve officer, corrections officer, parole and probation officer, regulatory specialist, telecommunicator, or emergency medical dispatcher.

​Amending: OAR 259-008-0010, 259-008-0011, 259-008-0015 & 259-008-0080

​Last Day for Comment: January 21, 2023​

​This rule change sets January 1, 2024, as the date for law enforcement agencies employing police officers to adopt best practice policies for interacting with persons who have experienced trauma. Through Section 2 of HB 2575, the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), in consultation with the Department of Justice (DOJ), is directed to develop best practices for law enforcement agencies when interacting with persons who have experienced trauma. Please visit the Center for Policing Excellence page on the DPSST website for the DPSST & DOJ best practices resources. ​

​Adopting: OAR 259-008-0510

​Effective: January 1, 2023

​OAR 259-090-0010 is adopted to transfer the rules adopted by the Governor’s Commission on the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor (Commission). In the transfer process, the Commission reviewed the rules and reaffirmed the established criteria for nomination for the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor and the Law Enforcement Medal of Ultimate Sacrifice. The Commission's review included approval of semantical and grammatical revisions throughout and updates to the application and consideration processes. OAR 259-008-0100 also includes a language simplification in section (6) relating to the recognition of service award. The criteria for the recognition of service award did not change.

​Amending: OAR 259-008-0100 & Adopting 259-090-0010

​Last Day for Comment: February 28, 2023​

​OAR 259-008-0085 maintains the minimum standards for Board-approved mandated courses. This is a technical change to identify the new Board-approved date. This rule changes the Board approval date in (1)(a) from January 27, 2022, to October 27, 2022. The new Board-approved curriculum will be used in Basic Police Academy classes that begin after the February 1, 2023 effective date of the rule.

​Amending: OAR 259-008-0085

​Effective: February 1, 2023​