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Division 8 Rules

OAR Chapter 259 Division 8 Rules

The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) and the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training (Board), adopt administrative rules that set the minimum standards for employment, training, and certification of criminal justice public safety professionals. These rules help DPPST carry out statutory requirements and act in accordance with the Agency's mission, to promote excellence in public safety.

Proposed, Temporary and Permanent Rule Changes

The following list provides the current and recent rule changes affecting criminal justice public safety professionals.  For all other rule changes and instructions on how to submit comments for a proposed rule change please visit DPSST's Statutes and Rules Page.
These temporary rule changes allow DPSST to defer the requirement to suspend certifications for the certification maintenance requirements due during the 2020 calendar year.

​Rules Amended: OAR 259-008-0064 & OAR 259-008-0065

These temporary rules are effective April 1, 2020, through September 27, 2020.

​These rule changes amended the public safety professional denial and revocation standards and processes. New rules were adopted to reorganize these amended standards and processes.

​Amending: 259-008-0005, 259-008-0010, 259-008-0011 & 259-008-0070. Adopting: 259-008-0310, 259-008-0320, 259-008-0330, 259-008-0340 & 259-008-0400.

​Effective: May 1, 2020​

Any parole and probation officer who becomes an armed parole and probation officer on or after July 1, 2020, must complete firearms training. These rule changes include a definition for an armed parole and probation officer and define the Board approved Armed Parole and Probation Course.​

​Amending: OAR 259-008-0005, 259-008-0020, 259-008-0025 & 259-008-0085.

​Effective: May 15, 2020

​This rule change addresses Board standards for criminal justice public safety professional certification and maintenance requirements affected by issues related to COVID-19. The adoption of this rule will replace the temporary rules that are currently in effect for OAR 259-008-0064 and 259-008-0065. 

Rules Adopted: OAR 259-008-0001​

​Last day to comment: August 21, 2020​

​This rule change amends the student dismissal appeal process. A student will still have the option to appeal the dismissal through the DPSST Director. The option for the employing agency to appeal the dismissal through the Board is removed. This rule change also amends the process for initiation of a professional standards discretionary moral fitness review of the misconduct. The changes result in completion of the professional standards review regardless of the certification or employment status of the dismissed student. Upon dismissal, DPSST certification compliance staff will prepare a case for policy committee review.

Rules Amended: OAR 259-012-0035​

​Last day to comment: August 21, 2020​

​This rule change adds a requirement for the use of a person’s legal name for certification and licensure purposes. While this has been the requirement per DPSST policy and practices, the requirement is not currently included in the administrative rules.

​Rules Amended: OAR 259-008-0020, 259-009-0010, 259-020-0120, 259-020-0130, 259-060-0020 & 259-061-0040

​Last day to comment: August 21, 2020​

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