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Certification Actions

Revoked or Denied Officer Certifications

The following database is provided in accordance with 2020 HB 4207. This database includes a list of public safety professionals  whose certifications have been revoked or denied since the effective date of the bill (June 30, 2020).  (NOTE: A sample case has been uploaded as a placeholder ).

Records in this database include the names, DPSST number, employing agency (if applicable), discipline, and a link to the DPSST Staff reports as well as any Final Order issued revoking or denying a  public safety certification.  (Note: Exhibits listed in the staff report can be requested by submitting a public records request.)  Please visit the Professional Standards page for information about case processes. 

A Deny, Revoke, Suspend Excel file is available for cases with final orders issued before June 2020. The complete case file can be requested by submitting a public records request

Note:  Only cases that have a final order issued and are closed by DPSST will appear in the list below.  Final orders are issued only after all contested case processes are exhausted or the deadline to request a hearing has passed.  The Open Cases list will provide the names of all officers in some stage of the case review or contested case process.

Click on the Plus (+) at the end of the row to view more information about the case.

DPSST provides the following resources regarding professional standards cases:

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