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Workgroups are formed at the discretion of the Board or through the Board's policy committees in order to conduct a focus review on specific topics related to the certification and training standards for public safety committees.  Workgroups are public meetings as they have the potential to change Oregon Administrative Rule.    

The FTO and FTO Training Development Workgroups have been formed to determine:

  1. ​If field training officers employed by public safety agencies should be required to obtain certification prior to administering the field training portion of the basic training that is required for the certification of law enforcement officers and dispatchers. 
  2. Requirement in order to obtain FTO certification.
  3. Training requirement to obtain and maintain FTO certification​​​

This workgroup was formed as a result 2021 HB 2936 Section 3 which requires the DPSST to create a uniform background checklist and standardized personal history statement.​​ The purpose of the workgroup is to identify standard questions for a personal history questionnaire and any other requirements that help to ensure public safety agencies receive the necessary information in order to make informed hiring decisions.  ​ Background Investigation Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR 259-008-0015).​

DPSST, with approval from the Police, Corrections and Telecommunications Policy Committees, is forming the 2022 Moral Fitness Workgroup to review the current rules related to denial or revocation of certifications for public safety professionals who have not met the Board’s moral fitness standards.  The last review of these rules occurred in 2019.  The intent of this workgroup is to ensure the existing moral fitness standards uphold the public’s trust in the public safety profession, protect the public and ensure that the conduct of a public safety professional or an applicant does not reflect adversely on the public safety profession.

Workgroup Documents