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Information for Business License

Your business license is valid for one year. Every year you will be required to pay the license renewal fee if you wish to renew your license. You will be notified by email approximately 60 days prior to your expiration date.

Every licensed landscape contracting business is required to have at least one licensed landscape construction professional (LCP). If your LCP's license expires or is suspended, your business license can be immediately suspended.


Your business license card is enclosed. All written advertising must include the business license number. Written advertising includes, but is not limited to:  business cards, vehicle signage, flyers, newspaper advertisements, yellow page advertisements, websites (including Facebook, Craigslist and others).

Address Change

If your mailing address changes, you must notify the LCB in writing within 30 days of the change. Log into the license portal to change your address or send an email to If you do not notify the board of your change of address within the 30-day timeframe, you may be subject to a civil penalty.

Scope of Work

Your license card states the phase of license your business may advertise for or perform.  If you perform landscape contracting work outside the scope of your license, you may be subject to a civil penalty.  Please contact our office if you have any questions about the scope of your license.
Check out the License Phase Table.

Tree Work:

  • LCB licensees (planting, standard, modified, or all phases) can perform tree work, including planting.  CCB general contractor licensees can perform most tree work, except planting, unless also licensed with the LCB.  Therefore, the license required depends on the type of work being performed.
  • Both LCB and CCB general contractor licensees can perform hardscape work.


The person you listed as your landscape construction professional (LCP) must directly supervise the landscaping work of all unlicensed employees and be on the payroll every hour landscaping work is being performed.  This means your LCP must be available by phone and provide instruction to the unlicensed employees.

Employer Status Change

Did your business hire an employee?  Do you no longer have employees?  Your business is required to notify the LCB in writing within 30 days if your employer status changes. The form used to make this change can be found here or can be sent to you upon request. Please be sure to fill out this form completely. If you have hired employees, you will also need to submit a certificate of workers' compensation insurance with the form.

Insurance, Workers' Compensation and Bonding

Your business license requires you to have current liability insurance, workers' compensation and a bond on file with the LCB. All policies must be active and kept current. Most policies require an annual renewal. Be sure current certificates are submitted to the LCB in a timely manner. They can be emailed, faxed or sent by regular mail to the LCB office.

Stay up to Date

How do you keep up with changing requirements? The LCB communicates through a newsletter which is sent by email or can be viewed on our website. Our website is updated regularly to help you stay current with any changes. 

Random Site Checks

An LCB Contract Investigator may perform a random site check on one of your jobsites. Please cooperate with him/her. These site checks are how we locate unlicensed activity.

Consumer Guide

"A Consumer Guide to Contracting for Landscape Construction Work" brochure can be ordered for distribution to potential customer; it highlights the process for checking to see if a license is active and how to avoid common problems. In addition, it lists the value of hiring a licensed landscape contracting business. Please call or email the LCB if you would like us to send you some.

Other Licenses or Permits

Local Business Licenses: Contact your local city or county business license office to determine if you need to obtain a local business license. Landscaping businesses in the Portland area may be able to purchase a reduced cost regional contractor's license through the Portland Metropolitan Service District. Call Metro at 503-797-1620.

E-Permitting: You can  use the statewide e-permitting system to apply for a permit, buy a permit or track an existing permit. Go to E-Permitting and click on the box that says "I want to register for an e-permitting account".  You will need to create your online account and then call the Department of Consumer & Business Services Building Codes Division's tech support at 503-373-7396 to activate the account.

Pesticide Applicator's License or Nursery License: Contact the Department of Agriculture at 503-986-4635.

Building Permits: Building permits are issued through local city and county offices and in some areas of Oregon by the State of Oregon Building Codes Division (503-378-4133).

Plumbers, Electricians and Other Building Trade Licenses: Building Codes Division (503-378-4133), Construction Contractors Board (503-378-4621).