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Traffic Assets & Inspection

ADA Curb Ramp and Push Button Inspections

For help with utilizing Standard Comments, please see the ADA Ramp New Construction Standard​ Comments presentation which gives photo examples for various comments.

Technical Requirements

  • RD19-02(B) - This Tech Bulletin is to clarify how approved curb ramp, sidewalk and driveway design exceptions are incorporated into construction measurement and acceptance. ODOT’s ADA related design standards established a tolerance between design and construction that is in line with national guidance. This Tech Bulletin shows how to apply the established tolerance to construction measurements in locations with approved design exceptions.
  • RD21-01(A) - This advisory clarifies how ODOT design standards for gutter flow slope and cross slope apply differently, based on the street slope and traffic control conditions. This advisory also provides guidance and best practices for achieving the applicable gutter flow slope requirements for curb ramps. The advisory provides clarification of which design exceptions and codes are required when applicable standards are not met for gutter flow slope and cross slope. Strategies for warping (transitioning) the cross slope at the street entrance are discussed to assist engineers performing curb ramp work. Gutter flow slope and cross slope of the ramp run are interdependent attributes of the curb ramp.

The 2-year certification is required for anyone performing ADA curb ramp or push button inspections on or along a state highway, and for contractors who must meet the requirements of the Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction.

The ADA Curb Ramp Inspector and Contractor Certification curriculum provides guidance on the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to ODOT facilities. The online self-guided training course covers the use of ADA inspection forms (734-5020 series and 734-5245 series), tool uses, inspection practices and measurement guidance. It also gives instruction on how to submit forms and where to send them.

Note: External participants must register for an Extended Enterprise Learner account​ to access training through Workday.

The ODOT Inspection Quality Assurance Certification Program maintains a list of inspectors and their certifications​. Training is available through Workday. 

More information on the ADA Curb Ramp Inspection Training for Certification, including registration link, online course/exam materials, and required field exam tools and equipment, is available on the ADA Curb Ramp Inspector Certification webpage.

ODOT ADA Curb Ramp Inspection Forms

ODOT ADA Push Button Inspection Forms

ODOT ADA Ramp Position Need Status Review

​New construction inspection form submittal is required for all locations on or along the state highway, including but not limited to:

  • STIP projects.
  • Permit projects.
  • Maintenance projects.
  • Private developments.
  • ​Local Agency Projects, etc.

Please refer to the following guides for assistance with the submittal process:

​Bike and Pedestrian Facilities, Parking, ADA Ramps and Curbs Users Guide

The Bike-Pedestrian Data Collection Guide assists ODOT employees and contractors gather and maintain data about the state highway system and its features throughout the state. This includes:

  • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
  • Parking.
  • ADA ramps and curbs.
  • Road inventory.

Video: ODOT Collects Sidewalk Inventory (2020)

Traffic Barrier Data Collection Users Guide

The Traffic Barrier Data Collection Guide​ assists ODOT employees and outside contractors in gathering traffic barrier inventory information and to maintain a consistent data collection method throughout the state. This helps the agency by:

  • Providing reliable and accurate asset information.
  • Ensuring public agency activities are consistent with existing federal guidelines, current accounting practices, such as Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 34.
  • Helping ODOT, as an agency, demonstrate to the public that they are responsible stewards of Oregon’s transportation assets.

Inventory information on Traffic-Roadway assets can be accessed through TransGIS or FACS-STIP.

TransGIS is a powerful web mapping tool designed for users of every skill level. TransGIS presents many levels of complex data in an interactive map format offering multi-level views of Oregon's transportation system needs and accomplishments.

Detailed information including transportation management system's data, asset inventory, Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) projects and environmental data are accessible for analysis, planning and research needs. By offering this quick and integrated access to the many data resources available, TransGIS enhances ODOT's ability to address agency needs and goals. TransGIS serves as the standard foundation for ODOT web mapping applications and is flexible and adaptable to specific needs for mapping and analysis.

FACS-STIP and TransGIS are very similar tools with some variations, for example, FACS-STIP provides some additional layers (like ADA Design Exceptions and ADA Crosswalk Closures) and has features like Data to Go and Asset Reporting.


FACS-STIP User Guide​ - This guide provides guidance about how to navigate the map tool, Data to Go and asset reports. It covers features, attributes and conditions survey, or FACS, for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, or STIP.


Please use the following steps to begin using TransGIS:

1. Visit the TransGIS​ website.

2. Under the "layers Catalog" tab, select "Roadside."

ODOT GIS showing roadside under the layers catalog can be selected. 

3. Select the applicable layer(s).​

ODOT GIS showing the applicable layers. 

4. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the "Layers Catalog" window.

5. Zoom into an area of interest by double-clicking the area or using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

ODOT GIS showing the functions from area of interest.  

6. Click the blue information icon at the top of the window and click on a curb ramp marker.

7. Information about the selected curb ramp will appear in a secondary window.

ODOT GIS showing the ADA Ramp information from the secondary window. 

​NOTE: Assets are stacked where the worst functional condition is shown. If the Asset is believed to be in compliance, check by using the arrow at the top right of the secondary window.

ODOT Geoportal - The Geoportal provides metadata on ODOT GIS datasets.​

For all questions not addressed or in needing of clarification, please contact the Statewide Asset Specialist for assistance.

ODOT Sidewalk Inventory Collection


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