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Small Business Resources

Doing Business with Oregon Department of Transportation

There are many programs that help Oregon's small businesses contract on all types of ODOT projects. These programs guide small businesses and help increase their businesses' size in order for them to compete for ODOT contracts. Helping small businesses will make Oregon's economy and communities stronger. The following information will help begin the process of doing business with ODOT.

ODOT always needs goods and services.  Some of these needs are met by using an internal registry.  This 'phone book' of firms has over 300 categories in many different fields of work.  While this does not guarantee work, having your firm's information within this registry adds another way for ODOT to find your firm.  When registering, enter all work types that your firm is able to do.  To register go to:

(Copy the above link into your browser)

Review the following category lists and identify which categories your company is certified to perform.


Before you register your firm, please have the following:

  • 9-digit Tax Identification Number (or SSN)
  • Business name as displayed on tax documentation
  • Access to your email
  • List of categories that your firm is certified to perform in.

​Many programs require certification.  The state of Oregon only accepts certifications from the Certification Office of Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID).  Certified firms are used by prime contractors and project managers all across the state.

​General contracting information is found in the Contracting with ODOT portal, which has information on open contracts and how to do business in Construction, Goods and Trades Services, and Personal and Professional Services.  Visit the ODOT Procurement Office - Construction Contracts Unit for information on prime contractor prequalifications, other bid and award information, as well as:

ORPIN is a website used by ODOT (and other state and local agencies) to promote contracts for public bidding.

Other contracting opportunities include:

Bid Express

Daily Journal of Commerce

Development Opportunities for Small Businesses

Businesses that become certified have access to many supportive services from ODOT and elsewhere. These services range from professional training, tutoring or consulting and are designed to improve a firm's ability to successfully complete ODOT contracts and projects.  

To begin applying for services to help your business, search through the following information.

Networking Opportunities

It is important for small businesses to engage in networking to grow their business opportunities. ODOT has partnered with trade organizations, chambers and business associations which small businesses can use as resources for workshops, technical assistance and for loans.

The following information contains some of the many resources that ODOT provides to small businesses.

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