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Contracting with ODOT


The Oregon Department of Transportation contracts for a wide variety of goods, equipment, trade services, personal services, highway maintenance, public improvements, architectural and engineering and Related Services, and highway/bridge construction projects.

If you are interested in exploring contacting opportunities with ODOT, please review the items below.

OPO Procurement Timelines

OregonBuys eProcurement System

ODOT Procurement Office uses the OregonBuys eProcurement System for public advertisement of contracting opportunities (except for Highway and Bridge Construction projects, which are advertised on the eBids system). OregonBuys is also used by other state agencies and some local agencies in Oregon. Current and closed solicitations may be searched using OregonBuys.

Suppliers/Vendors must be registered in OregonBuys to bid or propose on advertised contracting opportunities. Supplier registration, FAQs and other information about OregonBuys is available at the link above. 

Vendor Support from ODOT

For additional support, contact Melissa Lovejoy, 503-951-2574, or by email, or leave a message at 503-951-2649.

OregonBuys Registration Assistance

Download this Quick Registration Guide with information and links. Or, call our developer, Periscope Holdings Inc (PHI) for assistance - 1-855-800-5046.
Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 am - 6 pm (PST)

Procurement Categories

ODOT's Office of Civil Rights administers various programs and provides information regarding potential contracting opportunities for ​construction, architectural & engineering and other personal services and trade services. This includes:

  • Small Business Resources;
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program;
  • Emerging Small Business Program;
  • Mentor-Protégé Program;
  • Workforce Development Program.

COBID (Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity) ​is the sole certification authority for the state of Oregon and provides a "one-stop" certification process.

ODOT Procurement Office uses the OregonBuys eProcurement System for public advertisement of contracting opportunities of goods, services and equipment (except for projects described under the heading Highway and Bridge Construction). This generally includes:

  • Procurements of goods;
  • Equipment;
  • Trade services;
  • Personal and professional consultant services;
  • Regional facilities/building construction;
  • Highway maintenance;
  • Smaller highway public improvement projects. 

Preliminary Engineering-Construction Engineering Outsourced Reports

ODOT has created a Preliminary Engineering-Construction Engineering (PE-CE) report (one for each region) that identifies upcoming Statewide Transportation Improvement Program projects that are planned to be outsourced for design and/or construction engineering.  The report is updated weekly and lists both state and local projects that will need consultant services for PE or PE+CE and are estimated to start within the next twelve months of the kick-off meeting date and will stay on the report for three months after the kick-off meeting date shown next to each project.  For projects needing CE services only, they will show up on the report approximately nine months in advance of the bid let date and get removed 30 days after the bid let date.  For questions about an individual project, please contact the respective region.

• Region 1  ​   

• Region 2
• Region 3
• Region 4
• Region 5

PE-CE Outsourced Report – Data Dictionary: This document provides information on how to read the Preliminary Engineering-Construction Engineering Outsourced Report.

The Construction Contracts Unit contracts approximately 100 to 150 highway and bridge construction projects per year.
These construction projects advertised each week in the Daily Journal of Commerce, the Construction Market Data, and posted to our Notice to Contractors page. 

You may obtain a calendar of scheduled bid opening dates from our Letting Schedules page. 

Do I need to become prequalified to bid on projects? 

  • Are you a Prime Contractor, Subcontractor, or supplier?
    • ODOT only requires prime contractors to become prequalified to bid on highway and bridge projects. subcontractors and suppliers do not need to become prequalified.
  • If the solicitation documents are on OregonBuys:
    • No, public improvement projects let through OregonBuys are procured through the ODOT - Region team. Contractors intending to bid on these projects are required to submit project experience for three similar size and scope projects, prequalification is not necessary.
  • If the solicitation documents are on Electronic Bidding Information Distribution System (eBIDS):
    • Yes, ODOT requires that prime contractors become pre-qualified at least ten days prior to the bid date they intend to bid. The Class of Work is specified for each project advertisement, and bidders must be pre-qualified in that class of work to be eligible to bid.

For more information regarding prequalification can be obtained from the Prime Contractor Prequalification section on our Bid and Award Information page.

Statewide Construction Project Tracking Map (projects currently in design of construction phase)


To report problems or broken links, please send email to Guy Britnell, ODOT Procurement Office Web Editor.