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NOTICE:  Due to Covid-19 and wildfires emergencies, the Governor's Office has approved 
suspending the administrative rule that requires contractors to pay a $200 prequalification 
filing fee for a two year period of prequalification.  The suspension of OAR 731-007-0530(7)(b) 
will be in effect for two years from the date listed on the Governor's website which can be found
at that bid on
ODOT highway construction projects, or contractors that use 
ODOT's prequalification to bid on
other jurisdictions' projects, must maintain their 
prequalification to be eligible to bid.  All other
requirements for prequalification are 
in full effect during the rule suspension period. The ODOT
Procurement Office will start returning filing fees that were previously 
received​ the week of 1/18/2021.​

The prequalifi​​cation filing fee is $200.00 (temporarily suspended) and prequalification lasts for two years.  
The application is under "Forms" below.

Prequalification Applications must be received complete at ODOT’s address shown on
the prequalification application at least 10 calendar days before the bid opening in which the
applicant wishes to participate (per OAR 731-007-0530 (2)).
If your prequalification has been expired for more than six (6) months or have never been
prequalified by ODOT, you will need to submit three (3) reference forms per class of
work when submitting your prequalification application.

If you are currently prequalified, please refer to the email designating your new expiration date. If 
you have questions please contact us at:



​Prequalified Contractor List:

The Electronic Bidding Information Distribution System is an online tool that enables contractors,
suppliers and other interested parties to locate, view and download bid-related documents for
design-bid-build highway and bridge construction projects that ODOT currently has advertised to bid.

ODOT eBIDS provides free downloading of:

  • Special provisions;
  • Bidding plans;
  • Bid booklets;
  • Addenda;
  • Clarification letters;
  • Bid reference documents.​

ODOT vendors may also self-register as prime or informational plan holders on these projects.

eBIDS for External Users (Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers)

eBIDS for Internal Users (ODOT Employees)


Downloadable PDF Guides


​Guide (External Users).pdf

Guide (ODOT Users).pdf



eBIDS Terms of Use​​



Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the answers to frequently asked questions about your eBIDS account prior to
contacting the ODOT Computer Support Desk.

The most common issues can be resolved by following the instructions below. If you continue
to have issues after following these instructions, contact the ODOT Computer Support Desk at 503 986-3800.

​​Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

​We are using a new a​pplication called AASHTOWare Project Bids™. 

Please watch for emails and updates from “The Bid Express Team,”. 

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What is Electronic Bidding.pdf

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Missing Electronic Bid Investigation and Recovery Process.pdf

September 12, 2019

2019 Cathodic Protection Special Prequalification
The following Contractors are approved and may submit bids for US101: Yaquina Bay Bridge
Carter & Company, Inc. – Prime
Ø  Vector – QCE1, QCE2, QCE3, QCE4, QCE5, QCE6, QCE7
Conway Construction Company – Prime, QCE1, QCE3, QCE5, QCE7
Ø  Vector - QCE2, QCE3, QCE4, QCE5, QCE6, QCE7
Freyssinet, Inc. - Prime, QCE1, QCE2, QCE3, QCE4, QCE5, QCE6, QCE7
Hamilton Construction Company – Prime
Ø  Great Western – QCE1, QCE2, QCE3, QCE4, QCE5, QCE6, QCE7
HP Civil Inc. – Prime, QCE1
Ø  Vector - QCE1, QCE2, QCE3, QCE4, QCE5, QCE6, QCE7
Stellar J Corporation - Prime, QCE1
Ø  Vector - QCE1, QCE2, QCE3, QCE4, QCE5, QCE6, QCE7
Wildish Standard Paving Company - Prime, QCE1
Ø  Great Western–QCE1, QCE2, QCE3, QCE4, QCE5, QCE6, QCE7
Ø  Vector - QCE1, QCE2, QCE3, QCE4, QCE5, QCE6, QCE7
2019 Cathodic Protection Contractor Special Prequalification  

​Due 08/27/2019 By 10:00 AM​

Bid Opening on:

  • US101: Yaquina Bay Bridge - November 14, 2019

2019 CP Project Ad.pdf

Request for Contractor Special Prequalification

To obtain a copy please email:


Questions contact: Sharmon Leedham

Contractor Special Prequalification Holders List

8.13.19 Holders List CP Special Prequal.pdf


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