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- ProjectWise and V8i FAQ

​Yes. You may launch MicroStation when using Direct Access, in the same manner that you launch MicroStation at the office. You should also be able to access data stored in ProjectWise.  That said, there are ways to get better performance when you are working remotely.

The Working Remotely Hel​p page has a list of PDFs to make your experience of working from home better.

​Contact the Engineering Applications Support Team for assistance with using engineering software while working remotely by emailing​​ or calling the ODOT Computer Support Desk at 503-986-3800.

Every computer that has Bentley software: ProjectWise, MicroStation, Bentley View, InRoads or OpenRoads installed on it, must also have the Bentley CONNECTION Client installed; that's why it's popping up.

The Bentley CONNECTION Client is free. That's correct, there is no cost for the CONNECTION Client.

Every employee who uses any Bentley software, must be registered (via your ODOT email address) with Bentley.

To get the pop up to go away - log in and set the preferences to run minimized. You can use the "Forgot Password?" link at the bottom of the pop up to reset your password or use the Registration Instruction​s.

​When the document list view in the File Open dialog for MicroStation or InRoads doesn't look correct, your ProjectWise "View" needs to be reset.

  1. Exit MicroStation (and InRoads).
  2. Open the ProjectWise Explorer - that's right, it is controlled in ProjectWise!
  3. Expand the datasource and select the folder that contains the DGN file that you will be opening in MicroStation.
  4. Ensure that the View toolbar is displayed - if it is not, choose PW: View>Toolbar>View.
  5. Toggle the View on the View toolbar to the ODOT view or a personal view - this is the key!  If it is already set to ODOT, toggle it away and then back again.
  6. Now launch MicroStation or InRoads and you should see the document view list in the File Open dialog matches the presently set View in ProjectWise Explorer.

Yes, there are several things to try on your computer before requesting a file restore from backup, though. Follow the instructions in section 14. Restore a File in the ODOT ProjectWise User Manual.  The user manual is located in the Standards\PW_Standards folder in the ProjectWise Explorer.  If you cannot find a local copy, use this email template to request a restore from the server backup.

The next time the other person opens their master file (with your renamed file referenced in from ProjectWise), ProjectWise will find it and display the Information dialog.  Hopefully, they will open the Reference Manager and see that the file is renamed and marked for deletion and then give you a call to find out which file they should be referencing.​

​​What is preventing the ALG from loading is a network lock file with the same name as your ALG, with an extension of .nlf. The NLF file is sometimes left in the same folder as the ALG when for some unknown reason, InRoads doesn't clean up after itself.

If your data lives in ProjectWise, do these steps: 1) Using IR: File>ProjectWise Organizer... - Free the ALG, 2) Using ProjectWise Explorer, locate the NLF file in the same folder as your ALG and right-click Purge Local Copy on the .nlf file, 3) Still in ProjectWise, Rename... the NLF file and prepend Zdelete_, and 4) Now, Open the ALG using InRoads.

The file is a master file that contains "linked" references.  A "linked" reference is one that ProjectWise is aware of, because you either made the reference attachment from a master file to a reference file stored in ProjectWise, or you used the Wizard to scan for references and link sets.​​

A file that you have attached as a reference has had its document name or folder location changed.  It's okay; ProjectWise can still find the file, because it doesn't use the name that you see - ProjectWise uses a really long unique identifier - the Information box is ProjectWise telling you - "I found it, over here with a different name and I updated the name that you see in your Reference dialog!".

A process named Odotdata looks in Active Directory for the named user assigned to each computer.  When a computer is newly built for a person, the technician assigns it to the user and Serval will display it – no problem.  But we move around a bit in our organization and when we take on a computer that was used by someone else, the named user doesn’t automatically get updated.  If people cannot find your computer in Serval or if your old computer that you left behind still has your name on it, send EAST an email or call ODOT computer support desk and we will get you updated.​

​There are two workflows for you to use - both PDFs because filling out the dialog boxes exactly as shown is really important.​

First, use the MicroStation workflow Import an Image from Google Earth into MicroStation and make sure you create the aerial.dgn on the C:\ drive. You will probably make a few mistakes, so work where you can delete your mistakes!
Then import your DGN and JPG into 0_Temp in ProjectWise and establish a raster reference relationship w/GUIDs, and then, finally, move and rename as required by ProjectWise Standards using ProjectWise tools.  Consider moving the background DGN to 3_Base_Files and the JPG to 4_Photos - that way anyone can reference attach the DGN background and see the aerial to assist with their work.