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Environmental Quality Program


Quality control is a review process used during preparation, and before approval, of regulatory documents required for transportation projects. In general, the goal of QC is detectionQuality control measures identify inconsistencies, inaccuracies, redundancies, and gaps in design and supporting document preparation process prior to when approval is made.

Completing environmental work for a transportation project sometimes involves more than 80 deliverables. Of those, we've identified 46 that warrant a formal QC process.

Environmental Quality Program

Our QC process focuses on deliverable accuracy, adequacy and consistency with established agency standards before that deliverable is finalized. These processes and documentation requirements apply to all applicable projects, per our disciplines' QC guidance listed and linked in the table below.

The appropriate environmental discipline document preparer should meet minimum professional qualification requirements as is appropriate for their specific discipline deliverables. Typically the ODOT environmental professional will prepare and/or oversee the preparation of most ODOT environmental regulatory compliance deliverables.

For programmatic categorically excluded (PCE) or categorically excluded (CE) NEPA classified projects, the region environmental coordinator (REC) collects the required supporting environmental discipline document deliverables for FHWA transportation projects prior to having the PCE or CE approved. The REC will also verifies that the environmental discipline preparers and/or approvers have performed their own environmental discipline QC process and signed/dated their own discipline QC documents. 

For general information about environmental QC, refer to this 2021 presentation.

Environmental Statement of Technical Review (eSTR)

The REC PCE or CE preparer will completes the applicable Environmental Statement of Technical Review (eSTR) QC tracking checklist for review by the Region Environmental Manager.

Environmental QC by Discipline

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