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Endangered Species Act


The Endangered Species Act is intended to protect and recover at-risk species and ecosystems.

The development of transportation infrastructure can disrupt delicate habitats and alter natural migration patterns of terrestrial and aquatic species. The Oregon Department of Transportation works to comply with the ESA and protecting at-risk species by avoiding and minimizing impacts to our natural environment.

Federal Highway Administration Programmatic

Oregon's Federal-aid Highway Program programmatic covers most federally-funded transportation projects that affect:

  • Aquatic species listed on the federal threatened and endangered species list by the National Marine Fisheries Service; and
  • Terrestrial and aquatic species administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • We are currently awaiting the new biological opinion for the FAHP ESA Programmatic with USFWS before we schedule our 2020 ESA training.  To be notified of this training and other upcoming trainings, please sign up here.

  • 734-2897 - FAHP Project Initiation and Tracking
  • 734-2898 - FAHP Project Notification
  • 734-5263​ - FAHP Project Notification QC Checklist
  • 734-2900 - FAHP Project Notification Bridge Supplement
  • 734-2903 - FAHP Additional Information
  • 734-2901 - FAHP Additional Stormwater Management Data
  • 734-2899 - In-water Work Extension and/or Project Change
  • 734-2902 - Environmental Construction Inspection Report
  • 734-2913 - ODOT Environmental Permits Project Completion
  • 734-2912 - FAHP As-Constructed Bridge Supplement
  • 734-2914 - ODOT Environmental Project Reports Photographs
  • 734-5040 - ESA Determination of No-Effect
  • 734-5269​ - ESA Determination of No-Effect QC Checklist
  • 734-5262​ - FAHP Project Completion QC Checklist


Contact the Geo-Environmental Section

4040 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, MS 6
Salem, Oregon 97302
Fax: 503-986-3249

Program Contacts

Phone: 971-720-0500
Phone: 503-881-6023