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Historic Resources

Historic photograph of Lakeview, Oregon in the 1950s. 

The Oregon Department of Transportation's Historic Resources Program balances the needs of the state transportation system with the protection and documentation of significant historic resources.  

Historic Resource Services

​Regulatory compliance for transportation projects is the primary focus of the Historic Resources Program.

ODOT Typically encounters four primary regulations during the course of its projects, although other regulations may be applicable.

​Updating small town main streets can pose a challenge to balance the unique and original character of the town, with modern transportation design and planning.

Here are some strategies for finding a balance:

  • Look at historic photographs to see how the town has evolved. What did it look like before the automobile, at the turn of the century, in the 1920s and the 1950s?
  • Look at the town today. What historic features remain? What needs to be improved to make it vital and economically successful?
  • Work with professionals, community leaders and local citizens to design a vision for the future that builds upon the best of the past.
  • Meets current safety, ADA, and construction standards.
  • Allow the town's own character to show through by minimizing unnecessary additions or new features.
  • Keep the design simple.

Oregon's Historic Bridge Field Guide​

ODOT's Historic Resources Program, in coordination with the Bridge Preservation Program, developed the Oregon's Historic Bridge Field Guide that captures the known historic bridges in the state.

Guidance Materials

​Training Presentations

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Contact the Geo-Environmental Section

4040 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, MS 6
Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: 503-986-3252
Fax: 503-986-3249

Program Lead 

Phone: 503-986-3853  

Bob Hadlow, Historian - Region 1
Phone: 503-731-8239

Hayli Reff, Cultural Resources Specialist - Region 2
Phone: 503-986-2654

Larissa Rudnicki, Historic Resources Specialist - Regions 3-5
Phone: 503-986-6782

Sarah Jalving, ODOT-SHPO Built Environment Liaison
Phone: 503-986-0661

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