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The Oregon Veteran Dental Program, which expands Oregon Health Plan (OHP) dental services to eligible populations in Oregon. Beginning November 1, 2022, The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) will begin accepting applications for this new program. This new state program comes thanks to House Bill 4095.

The Oregon Veteran Dental Program is separate and distinct from VA Dental Care offered by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

The information below is intended to provide helpful information to veterans and military-connected communities in Oregon. To download all this information, click here for the Veteran Dental Fact Sheet.

Oregon Veteran Dental Program Details

Who is eligible for the program?

People who:
• Live in Oregon;
• Are not eligible for OHP (Medicaid);
• Are a veteran as described in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 408.225​, except the veteran may be discharged or released under honorable conditions or other conditions; and
• Have income at or below 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

Once determined eligible for the Veteran Dental Program, veterans will need to provide discharge documentation. To view the list of discharge documents accepted by OHA/ODHS, visit this Veterans Administration website.


Beginning November 1, 2022, people can apply for the program using the OHP application. This is to review for Medicaid eligibility first. If determined ineligible for Medicaid, OHA/ODHS will then screen for Oregon Veteran Dental Program eligibility. This may result in three different scenarios:

• Scenario 1: If the veteran is determined eligible for full OHP, they will be automatically enrolled and sent a notification via mail. The veteran will have full OHP medical, dental and behavioral health care coverage. Veterans have the option to decline coverage but must contact OHA/ODHS to do so.

• Scenario 2: If determined ineligible for full OHP, the veteran will be
screened for the new dental program. If determined eligible for the
dental program, coverage will begin on January 1, 2023. The veteran
will need to submit discharge documentation to keep ongoing dental coverage.

• Scenario 3: If determined ineligible for both full OHP and the new
dental program, veterans are encouraged to reach out to the VHA, a
County or Tribal Veteran Service Officer (VSO), or current health care
provider to discuss existing coverage or earned benefits. Veterans
aged 65 and older may also wish to contact Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA) to discuss coverage through Medicare.

OHA/ODHS will continue to accept and process applications for the
program even after capacity has been reached. After capacity is reached, OHA/ODHS will:

• Create a waitlist list for all eligible veterans who cannot be enrolled due to capacity limits.
• Notify veterans they have been added to the list.
• Invite veterans to complete a new OHP application, should OHA/ODHS have additional capacity for the program. OHA/ODHS will send invitations in the order veterans were added to the list. To keep their spot on the list, veterans will need to complete their new OHP application within 45 days of the invitation.

Applying for services through the Oregon Veteran Dental Program should not impact a veteran’s existing services administered through federal veteran health programs. If a veteran is concerned about impact to their existing benefits, OHA/ODHS encourages working with local County or Tribal Veteran Service Officers (VSOs), or the appropriate VA or Department of Defense (DOD) points of contact.


Apply online:

• Go to to login or create an account.

Paper application:

Paper applications are available in multiple languages.
• Download and print an application online by going to; or
• Have an application mailed by calling OHP Customer Service at 1- 800-699-9075.

Need help?
Veterans can get help with the online or paper application by connecting with an OHP community partner. They can also visit any Aging and People with Disabilities, Self-Sufficiency Programs or Area Agency on Aging office to complete an application in person with a worker. If going into an office, it is best to call ahead to schedule an appointment. Find contact information for state offices at

For questions about the program or to check the status of an application, people can call OHP Customer Service at 1-800-699-9075.


When starting a new application, the following information may be helpful to have available:

• Discharge paperwork from the Armed Forces or Reserve Components
• Ability to confirm time spent on active duty
• Information about you and the members of your household. Examples include:
o Name and Date of Birth
o Social Security Numbers for everyone in your household who wants benefits and who have an SSN
o Contact Information, including a valid Mailing Address
o Income, Expenses, and Tax Deductions for everyone included on your federal income tax return
o Any Private Health Insurance information

An open application may be started and stopped. People should click “next” or “save” to save information on the current screen. Please note, the system times out after 10 minutes of idle activity. People applying may also want to refer to the application guide​.

After applying, the application will be automatically processed and if eligible, the veteran will be sent an approval notice by mail. If there is missing information on the application, OHP Member Services will attempt to contact the applicant by phone. If there is no response, a ‘Missing Information’ notice will be sent by mail. Email is not used to correspond, but applicants can opt into email notifications letting them know they have a message or notice in their ONE account.


If eligible for full OHP, or OHP dental through the Oregon Veteran Dental Program, veterans will:

• Receive the same OHP dental benefits. Learn what is covered under OHP dental benefits.
• Enroll in a local Coordinated Care Organization (CCO). This happens 1 or 2 weeks after OHP eligibility begins.

CCOs are networks of all types of health care providers (physical health care, addictions and mental health care and dental care providers) who work together in their local communities to serve people who receive coverage under OHP. CCOs make sure members have access to the services they need. For dental care, they work with local dental plans to deliver care.

Once enrolled with a CCO, veterans can ask their CCO about how to find a provider and access dental services. The CCO will mail new members a welcome packet. The packet will contain a CCO member ID card and information about covered services.

Many organizations who serve veterans have asked questions specific to dentures. Dentures are covered with OHP Dental. Learn more about OHP dental benefits.

Some veterans do not have medical coverage for prescription drugs. Because medications are sometimes a critical part of dental care, the Oregon Veteran Dental Program will provide coverage for these medications through the ArrayRx Discount Card Program. Veterans will receive a separate identification card that they may present to a pharmacy. Coverage will be limited to medications prescribed by a dental professional and will be limited to a defined list of medications (a “formulary”). Coverage will not include medications intended for continuous or prolonged therapy, like fluoride toothpaste or tobacco cessation products.

For additional questions regarding services prior to enrollment, veterans may contact the Client Services Unit by calling 1-800-273-0557.


​Once enrolled in the dental program, veterans will find a provider by contacting their CCO. Veterans can ask their CCO about how to find a provider and access dental services. The CCO will mail new members a welcome packet that will contain a CCO member ID card and information about covered services.​


The Oregon Veteran Dental program has the same dental care as OHP Plus, such as:

  • Teeth cleanings
  • Filling and extractions
  • Emergency dental care
  • Some dentures

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