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Jurisdictional Contact Training

Jurisdictional Contacts

A person designated by a public body as defined in ORS 174.109, is considered a Jurisdictional Contact (JC).  JCs are responsible for explaining the requirements of ORS 244.050, ORS 244.060, ORS 244.070 and ORS 244.090 to each newly elected or appointed public official serving the public body who is required to file a verified statement of economic interest (SEI) report under ORS 244.050.
The JC's role also includes maintaining an up-to-date listing of their public officials in the OGEC's Electronic Filing System (EFS).  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  JCs must certify that the listing is up-to-date by February 15th of each year.  

NEW Jurisdictional Contacts Webinar

Starting in April 2022, we will be offering a monthly webinar for Jurisdictional Contacts (JCs). Learn about your responsibilities as a JC and how to create and manage your user profile. We'll also discuss how to manage the positions within the jurisdictions assigned to you, and see which public officials in your jurisdiction(s) have filed their annual SEI report. This training is designed for new Jurisdictional Contacts and existing JC's that need a review. If you have any questions about the trainings, please contact us at
To register for this webinar, please see the training calendar on the OGEC Monthly Webinar page.

Instructional Guides

Jurisdictional Contacts - EFS Instructional Handbook
Statement of Economic Interest Filer - EFS Instructional Handbook


Video Tutorial

This video was designed to assist Jurisdictional Contacts in assigning/seating jurisdictional members and guiding them, as SEI filers, in creating account profiles and filing their annual SEI reports. 


Additional Resources

2022 JC & SEI Filer Resource Flyer