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OAR Chapter 950 Equity & Inclusion Division

Rules Advisory Committees

Current Rules by Program

Cultutal Competency Continuing Education website

OAR 950-040 includes the following rules: 

950-040-0000  Cultural Competency Continuing Educaton Purpose

950-040-0010  Definitions

950-040-0020  Cultural ​Competency Continuing Education Resources and Support​​

Health Care Interpreters website

OAR 950-050 includes the following rules: 

950-050-0000  Purpose

950-050-0010  Definitions

950-050-0020  Health Care Interpreter Services

950-050-0030  Central Registry

950-050-0040  Eligibility Standards for Central Registry Enrollment, Qualification and Certification

950-050-0050  Application Procedure

950-050-0060  Formal Training

950-050-0070  Approval of Testing Centers, Skill Evaluation and Assessment

950-050-0080  Skill Evaluation or Assessment Appeal

950-050-0090  Continuing Education

950-050-0100  Letter of Qualification

950-050-0110  Letter of Certification

950-050-0120  Certification and Qualification Renewal

950-050-0130  Denial, Revocation, Suspension or Refusal to Renew Status for Certification and Qualification

950-050-0140  Complaints

950-050-0150  Hearings

950-050-0160  Health Care Provider Requirements

950-050-0170  Interpreting Service Companies

950-050-0180  Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs)​​

REALD website

OAR 950-030​, 033, ​036 & 038 includes the following rules: 

950-030-0000  Purpose

950-030-0010  Definitions

950-030-0020  Demographic Data Collection Standards

950-030-0030  Race and Ethnicity Demographic Data Collection Standard

950-030-0040  Language and Communication Needs Demographic Data Collection Standards

950-030-0050  Disability Demographic Data Collection Standards

950-030-0200  Reporting Progress on Implementation

950-038-0010  Advisory Committee​​

Regional Health Equity Coalitions website​​​

OAR 950-020 includes the following rules: 

950-020-0000  Purpose

950-020-0010  Definitions​​

Traditional Health Workers website​​​​

OAR 950-060​ & 065 includes the following rules: 

950-060-0000  Purpose

950-060-0010  Definitions

950-060-0020  Community Health Worker, Peer Wellness Specialist, Personal Health Navigator Certification Requirements

950-060-0030  Peer Support Specialist Certification Requirements

950-060-0040  Birth Doula Certification Requirements

950-060-0050  Traditional Health Worker Continuing Education Requirements

950-060-0060  Application and Renewal Process for Traditional Health Worker (THW) Certification and Registry Enrollment

950-060-0070  Background Check Requirements

950-060-0080  Standards of Professional Conduct

950-060-0090  Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Certification

950-060-0100  Training Program Requirements

950-060-0110  Application and Renewal Process for Authority Training Program Approval

950-060-0120  Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Training Program Approval

950-060-0130  Oral Health Training Requirements

950-060-0140  Community Health Workers, Peer Wellness Specialists, Personal Health Navigators, and Peer Support Specialists Certification Curriculum Standards

950-060-0150  Birth Doula Certification Curriculum Standards

950-060-0160  THW and Training Program Complaints and Investigations​

Temporary Rules

Rulemaking Notices